How to Successfully Mix Patterns in Your Interior Decor

We’re back discussing our interior design predictions for 2018. We previously went into detail on how to add color to your decor (click here to read). This week, we are talking about how you should mix patterns in your homes. Now we have all heard the rule of thumb “Don’t mix patterns!” However, fashionistas across the globe lately have been breaking it, and you should do the same with your interior decor. The rule is there for a reason, patterns look awful together if paired incorrectly. Finding the right balance is key to keep your decor looking tasteful. Though tricky to accomplish, we’re here to help you nail this design trend in your homes.

You probably have noticed that the interior designs popping up on your Instagram feeds have been moving away from the clean-cut monochromatic look. This is because we are all getting tired of the flat one-dimensional look no matter how sleek it is. Your home is your haven and it should reflect your multi-faceted personality. How do you achieve this without making your home look scatterbrained? Well, let us give you some tips.

 5 Tips On How to Mix Patterns Tastefully in Your Home Decor

Tip 1: Break Up With Solids

This is perhaps one of the most basic (and important) tips. It’s a mandatory step in order to prevent your home from looking like a chaotic mess. You do not want to overwhelm your senses. You want to mix patterns tastefully…and that means sparingly and with precision. Do not add patterns just for the sake of it. Use your patterns with purpose and to offset solid colors. Space things out to keep your home looking sophisticated. Remember: finding the right balance is key!

Seattle staged bedroom with mix patterns

Seattle staged family room design with mix patterns


Tip 2: Vary Up the Scale

One key tip to help you mix patterns successfully is to play around with the scale of the patterns. Try one bigger pattern and another smaller. When you select patterns with different sizes, you are adding interest while also making it easier on the eyes. You can try to use the same print on a different scale, or use multiple types of prints of varying sizes. Think wide stripes and small polka dots or large geometric block prints and small zigzags.

Seattle staged teen room design mix patterns

Seattle staged bedroom with mix patterns


Tip 3: It’s All in the Smaller Details

Sometime’s it’s all about those little details. If you are a minimalist, this would be a great option for you. Try mixing softer and simpler patterns on smaller accessories. If you are one who wants a monochromatic color palette for your home try playing around with textures to prevent your decor from looking drab. You can also vary up the scale and mix prints in the same color in addition to texture to create an interesting, but still simplistic look. If you don’t mind adding some color but would prefer to keep your patterns minimal, try creating a focus point. This way you make a statement but the rest of your room is minimalistic.

Bellevue Staged living room design with mix patterns

Seattle Home Staging Teen Room Design

Bellevue staged home living room design with mix patterns

Tip 4: Coordinate Colors Not Prints

Rather than having five different chevron patterned accent and accessory pieces in the room, try matching your patterns with a similar color scheme. You want to mix things up, but you also want your patterns to coordinate well with each other. The best way to do this and to keep things tasteful is to use different patterns in similar colors. Remember, you want to create a sense of flow in any living space. A bolder way to coordinate with colors is to incorporate different patterns with inverse colors. For example, you could work with a black and white polka dot pattern where the base is black and then have a black and white striped pattern in which the base is white. That way the colors all coordinate, but it still has more of a variety if each pattern has the same base color.

Seattle staged kid's play area with mix patterns

Seattle staged girl's bedroom with mix patterns

Seattle staged seating area with mix patterns


Tip 5: 3 Color Rule

While mixing patterns is a great way to add some colors to your decor design, you don’t want your decor to feel overcrowded. The best way to prevent this is to limit yourself to a color palette of three colors. Adding too many colors to the equation will just make your decor chaotic. Two brighter colors and a neutral is an excellent way to keep things balanced yet playful.

Seattle staged colorful kid's bedroom with mix patterns

Seattle staged kid's bedroom with mix patterns


Time to get creative and mix patterns!

We hope these five tips help you figure out the method to mix patterns that is right for you and your home. 2018 is the year for creative freedom, so this is a trend you should definitely play around with. As always, if you need any help with your interior decor needs, send us an email at to set up an interior design consultation. Happy decorating!


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