Staging a Tudor House in Seattle’s Montlake Neighborhood

Montlake is one of the more charming neighborhoods in Seattle, WA. It is filled with interesting homes with most of them designed in Tudor style. This older neighborhood is close to the beautiful Arboretum, Husky Football Stadium, and Lake Washington. And we just love to stage Montlake homes.

So it is not surprising that when we received a call from Allie Howard, one of our Redfin clients to stage her upcoming listing in Montlake area, we were ecstatic.

This house had lots of Tudor charm with many “nooks and crannies”. Allie was worried that home buyers would have a hard time understanding these spaces. However, I knew what we should do with each of these nooks and crannies.

Staged Tutor home in Seattle, WA

This Seattle Tudor home in the Montlake neighborhood was loaded with charm, starting with the front door.


The stairs going up ended on this unusual landing. It was very important for this space not only to be clearly defined for the potential home buyers, but to also hook their imagination right away.  Therefore, we decided to create a dressing area by adding a floor mirror and we chose a red velvet ottoman to add that pop of color. A well defined “nook” with a splash color while keeping it simple and spacious is very important for any home, but especially for older homes.

Staged Montlake house in Seattle Wa

The second nook was a spacious, yet small space off of one of the bedrooms. Allie was worried about this space the most. We solved the problem and put our client’s worries to rest by turning this bedroom into a young teen’s girl room and created a homework space as well as adding a fun girl element to the area. This room turned out to be Allie’s favorite space. We added the necessary flow by carrying the old charm throughout the house. 

Tutor house in seattle staged by seattle staged to sell

This house was SOLD for $50,000 more than the asking price in three days with multiple offers. Results like this is what makes home staging an investment and a necessity. Home staging is NOT an option. If this Montlkae house was left blank, the home buyers would not have been able to appreciate the old charm as much and/or understand all the “nooks and crannies” that a beautiful Tudor home can offer.



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