Small Home Offices with Big Impacts

Multipurpose spaces are all the rage this year as many of us continue to work/live/play at home. And while some of us have expansive homes with plenty of space to separate our exercise equipment from our home office or homeschool rooms, many of us do not have that luxury. At Seattle Staged To Sell we believe in making use of the whole home and finding purpose even for the smallest spaces. Here are a few small home offices with big impacts from projects we have been working on.

An outdoorsy vibe


This landing might have seemed like waisted space, but for us it was an opportunity. We brought in a sleek desk with slim legs and a mid century vibe to create an office nook. The railing style and large windows make this small indoor space feels like your office is actually outside. This home office may be small but it has a huge impact on the space, don’t you think?

A tiny room with a big purpose

This tiny little space could pose as a design concern for some homeowners. One might think, what the heck is this space for? And for most it could end up as waisted space or a clutter zone. We used a light and natural palette and turned this nook into the perfect home office. A space like this makes working from home a luxury, don’t you think?

The perfect landing

Another landing, another opportunity for a home office. By using an acrylic chair and light natural wood desk this small space looks big and doesn’t feel like an eyesore. We often see spaces like this overlooked. If you don’t have the square footage to create a private home office, a small space solution like this may be the perfect thing for you.

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