Most Affordable Suburbs in Seattle

Moving to Seattle has been the choice of many young professionals and entrepreneurs chasing a career in the booming tech hub of the Pacific North-West. A significant recent surge of venture capital has been invested in software, life sciences, and health care industries in the Seattle region. This makes the Emerald City a trending living destination not just for business people but also for residents of all ages searching for a quality lifestyle. The city is constantly expanding, and the real estate market in Seattle is hot, which is expected for a place with such potential. However, even in a competitive housing market, some up-and-coming neighborhoods offer reasonable rent and home costs. Thus, if you’re planning to relocate, you should check out the most affordable suburbs in Seattle.

Determining the most affordable suburbs in Seattle

All cities in the Washington state, even the ones with the highest home costs, have affordable suburbs if you know where to look. However, finding a home is a bit harder since every city has differently developed factors that determine the market value. Before finding a suburb to move to, you need to explore the best affordability-amenities ratio the place provides. Mainly, you need to pay attention to the median home value, overall costs of living, and rent to income ratio. When relocating to Seattle, before hiring a long-distance moving company to help with your Washington relocation, it’s essential to explore the market thoroughly. Considering the median home cost in Seattle is $663,100 (which is three times higher than national), here are the most affordable areas.


Spanaway is a quiet, family suburb in Pierce county, with plenty of small businesses and a strong sense of community. It provides a great view of Mt. Rainier and has many parks, lakes, and campsites. This makes it the perfect place for those who enjoy being surrounded by magnificent nature while having city amenities nearby. And the best thing is, it offers many affordable housing options, from condos to single-family homes and new constructions. This neighborhood is constantly expanding. In the last few years, new development has occupied large parcels of land. Still, renting or buying a home in the area is possible for a reasonable price. Here you can become a homeowner for a median home value of $240,800, while the median rent is $1,251.

North Puyallup

Pierce County provides some of the most affordable suburbs in Seattle proximity. North Puyallup, a cozy neighborhood with an old town feel, is one of them. The place genuinely looks rural, but the urban amenities are just three minutes away. It’s resting in the Puyallup Valley, next to new developments of South Hill, which offer many diverse housing options. Also, locals get to explore various conveniences such as shopping centers, restaurants, and local businesses.

As a growing suburb, North Puyallup attracts young families and millennials alike. Here, you can enjoy a blend of modernity and tradition that often manifests through annual community festivities such as the Washington State Fair and Daffodil Festival. The place provides very affordable renting opportunities that averagely go about $1,008. Moreover, you can become a homeowner of a beautiful home for a median home value of $152,700.

Prairie Ridge

Prairie Ridge is a lovely community in Washington State made up of friendly neighborhoods south of Seattle. The residents of this small town can enjoy both the city of Seattle and Mt. Rainier National Park. Since it’s situated between these two important points, many people pass through Prairie Ridge, surprised by the suburb’s enjoyable experience and welcoming community. That’s how many of them “discovered” their new moving destination. However, if you’re a fan of big city life, you might find it hard to adjust to local ways. The place itself doesn’t have many dining and shopping options, but you can find everything in nearby Bonney Lake, just a short drive away. The median home cost in Prairie Ridge is $273,000, while the median rent is $1,356.


Many would agree that walking down the streets of Arlington is like stepping into a Hallmark movie! Smiling faces, a historic vibe, and plenty of activities attract tourists and new residents to this charming place. The local airport is nearby, and a short drive to the east will take you to vast views of the North Cascade Mountains.

Arlington has a placid ambient, but it’s still busy enough to satisfy all possible needs. You’re not near the big city rush; still, you get to enjoy the surrounding Washington area’s nightlife and culture. It’s a great middle point for people looking for a slower pace of living. Arlington has a higher median home value than the rest of the affordable suburbs in Seattle, but once you set your foot in it, you’ll realize it’s worth it. For a median cost of $323,200, you can have a fairytale home. And for renting a nice place, you’ll need about $1,341 a month.

When moving to small and emerging suburbs, it’s important to hire trustworthy relocation services. Naturally, local professionals are your best bet, but that can be hard if you don’t know the area. If you need any assistance, Verified Movers can help you look for recommendable services in the Washington area.


This beautiful coastal Seattle suburb is located in Puget Sound, south of Tacoma. If your dream of having a home on the Pacific Northwest waterfront, Steilacoom is the place to look into. The town has access to two beaches, and everything you need is just around the corner. It’s tightly connected to a military base, and as such, it’s home to many families with members in the service. You can own a home near the water and enjoy the amazing view this historic neighborhood provides for a relatively affordable price. The approximate home value in Steilacoom is $361,300. To rent a decent place, you will need about $1,152.


Seattle is the perfect place for those who enjoy vintage shops, world-class museums, alternative music scene, top-notch restaurants, and the best coffee shops in the US. There is no shortage of things to see or do in the city. In addition, the opportunities for a quality business future are immense. However, reaping the benefits of living in such a magnificent place has its price. Luckily, there are ways to make life in big cities more sustainable. One of them is compromising when looking for a neighborhood. The most affordable suburbs in Seattle may not be located in the midst of all happenings, but you get to experience the healthiest serene lifestyles in Washington State.


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