Mid-century Modern Must-Haves for Spring 2022!

Mid-century modern design is in the spotlight again for 2022. With its vintage appeal, inviting aesthetic, and warm tones it is no wonder many people gravitate toward this style when designing the interior of their homes. However, there are certain aspects of MCM design that we are leaving behind in 2021. Read on to see the latest trends in mid-century modern design for Spring 2022!

Matte bronze, brass, and copper lighting

Design trends for 2022 are moving away from shiny metals to a more matte, satin, or brushed metal with interior fixtures. Metals with a satin finish give added texture and warmth in the home. Additionally, this finish can “hide” fingerprints and dust, making it a more practical choice; especially for high-touch items! In lighting, matte metal creates a more inviting atmosphere that brings a sense of calm into the space.

This pendant light from Build is a beautiful and affordable option in the honey gold (or black!) finish. With its modern teardrop shape and satin finish, it is the perfect lighting option for mid-century modern designs in Spring 2022!

This statement lamp from Lighting Collective brings all of the aesthetic of mid-century modern into Spring 2022. Not only does it envelop the curved design that is trending this year, but the brushed brass makes it a classic statement piece that will never go out of style!

Curved edges

Mid-century modern furniture choices for Spring 2022 are all about the curves. We are leaving hard corners and rigid lines in the past, bringing more youthful and calming lines into the home. And it’s no wonder! With more time spent at home since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are looking to make their spaces calming and inviting.

This accent swivel chair from Article is just the piece for Spring 2022. Not only does it incorporate a new texture to the space, it swivels; adding to the functionality of the space.

This Stesha Oak dining table from All Modern offers mid-century modern curves in classic wood to elevate your dining space this Spring! Paired with mixed-material seating such as fabric or leather would make it the perfect mid-century modern dining suite.

Antique, vintage pieces

With supply chain disruptions from COVID-19 still affecting the furniture industry, antique pieces are making a huge comeback! Why not have a mid-century modern piece that was actually made in the mid-century? Though these pieces are harder to pinpoint, there are many vendors that cater to antiques. Chairish.com is a great option for finding that unique mid-century modern antique that will make a stunning statement piece in your space! Keep in mind that antiques are often pricey; however they are worth it in their timelessness and maintain their value. Spend some time planning your design around an antique piece if you can. Like this piece from Chairish, you could purchase and make design choices that complement it!


What is the one item you will almost always find in a mid-century modern design? Plants! Never underestimate the power of adding a little greenery to your space. Bringing elements of the outdoors into your space is an important concept in mid-century modern design.

Choosing the right plant for your mid-century modern space depends on two factors: the size and the pot. Incorporate larger plants into spaces that do not have a set focal point. Plants should add to the space, not take away. This means that plants should be strategically placed and should not block out focal points that already exist. Add smaller plants to shelves or surfaces to add that pop of greenery to your space! When choosing a pot for your plant, keep in mind the colors that are in your color scheme.

Take a look at this example from one of our staged living areas. Notice the brushed metal vase in the center and the blue accented vase in the corner! This is a great example of how to stage your plants!

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Written by Taylor Kristan – Edited by Ashley Pasquale

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