Small Home Solutions: 6 Tips on How You Can Maximize Your Tiny Haven

Just because you live in a small home doesn’t mean you can’t live in a comfortable and cozy space too. When living in a small space, all you have to do is to be more creative, and you can maximize your tiny but lovely haven.

Living in a small space has its pros and cons. Smaller homes are easier and cheaper to maintain. But sometimes, you just feel like you need “more space.” However, there are several tricks on how you can get the most of a small space without the need for major renovations. Check out these six tips to maximize and somewhat enlarge your tiny home.

Paint the walls white or use color to differentiate rooms

maximize your haven

The best way to start maximizing your home is with your walls. And white is usually the recommended colour to make your room appear a bit larger. White walls create the illusion of more space. If you are fond of an all-white home, it is best to go with an off-white paint colour to promote an open, spacious, and simple ambiance.

However, white is not the only colour you can use in your home. As a matter of fact, you can even paint every room with a different colour in order to distinguish one room from another. Say, for example, use blue for the bedrooms, a light shade of green in the kitchen, and introduce an accent wall in the living room.


Install floor to ceiling shelves and custom wardrobes

To maximize your storage, hire a carpenter to create preferably floor-to-ceiling high shelves. Such shelves can both function as a room divider and an actual shelf for books, picture frames, art pieces, and toys. You can position the floor-to-ceiling shelves in between the main living room and the dining room to separate rooms into zones.

You may also hire a professional furniture specialist/designer to help create custom wardrobes for your small home. Custom made wardrobes are great elements to add in a small home to maximize every square footage. It also enables you to have an organized closet or storage– thus preventing clutters.


Extend your living room outside

If you have a porch, then consider extending your living outside. The outside living room can be used for tea parties, spend cozy nights, or just somewhere to spend free times in. If you live in a condo that has a veranda, see to it that you use the appropriate coverings for your furniture such as waterproof covers.

You can also add window seats inside your existing window. Using tiny tables can also add some style without taking up too much space in your home.


Retractable bed and disappearing desks

Most small homes only have two tiny bedrooms. So, in order to have more sleeping space for guests, you can install a retractable bed in the living room. It would also be better if you have pull-out beds in the main bedrooms.

When it comes to saving space, disappearing desks are one of the best solutions for small spaces. Such furniture can be folded up and down so that it won’t be taking up too much space when not being used. You can even have a disappearing dining table if you really want to maximize the space.


Sliding glass door and add mirrors too

Opening a door requires spaces too. So, it would be best to replace them with sliding doors, or walls to save space.

Add a couple of mirrors and place them in strategic locations so as to create an illusion of more rooms. Don’t forget to incorporate other accessories such as houseplants and other greenery stuff, statement artworks, and even wall-hanger storage.


Declutter all the time

There’s no better way of maximizing your small space than to declutter as often as you can. If you have tons of clutters in your tiny home, you can contact a rubbish removal service provider to help you sort out your clutters.

You can save more space by getting rid of things that you don’t need anymore, or are just not being used at the moment. You can store them in your basement, or get rid of them altogether. Doing so will give you additional space you need in your small space.


Author’s Bio:

Sally Guest is the founder of Home Renovations Oatley, a leading interior design and construction company based in Oatley, Sydney. In her spare time, she can be found writing about design ideas and renovation tips. Aside from designs, she is also passionate about photography and enjoys a late afternoon jog.

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