The Importance of Investing in Staging

When home sellers begin the process of putting their homes on the market, it can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many decisions to make, and it can be hard to decipher which choices will aid your sale the most. Whether or not to stage your home is an example of one of these decisions. Investing in staging can be daunting, but in most cases, it makes a huge difference. Staging affects important factors that are key to a successful sale—time duration and the price and number of offers.

With this condo in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, staging proved essential.

Investing in staging for this Capitol Hill Seattle CondoOur staging design.

In this particular condo, each room was painted a different color of the rainbow. The neon wall colors were both distracting and alienating. When we went to stage this condo, one of our employees claimed that they would never live here. However, by repainting the entire condo and staging it in a sophisticated eclectic style, we were able to draw the focus from the walls to the stunning city view. By the end of the stage, our design changed our staging assistant’s mind. This condo’s story shows how important investing in staging is.

Investing in staging before & After photo for Capitol Hill Condo Seattle


In the bedroom, we toned down the bright red walls and created a space that buyers could imagine themselves relaxing. We kept it simple by using grays and blues set against white bedding but retained the bold feel by incorporating geometric prints and by mixing textures and textiles.

Investing in staging before & After photo for Capitol Hill Condo Seattle

Living Room

Instead of keeping the living and dining room as completely separate entities, we brought them together to enlarge the space. By making the walls the same color and by creating a cohesive design, we connected the two spaces. We utilized the extra wall by creating a home office to maximize the condo’s potential. By using simplistic, yet unique furniture, we created a fresh and updated look to attract buyers.

Investing in staging before & After photo for Capitol Hill Condo Seattle

Dining Area

We updated the dining room from a rainbow to a sleek, modern design. We created a grayscale look with pops of color through black Eames chairs set against a white modern table and a monochromatic striped area rug. The touches of color in the floral arrangement and the walls echoed the colorful bistro set in the balcony. While each space remained a separate entity, the rooms flowed well into each other

Investing in staging before & After photo for Capitol Hill Condo Seattle


In the kitchen, we painted the walls white to neutralize the space to make it easier for homebuyers to envision living there. To add interest to the new monochromatic look, we used bold patterns in our accessories to radiate a hip atmosphere.

Investing in Staging for this Captiol Hill, Seattle condo

Investing in Staging Means A Successful Sale

By the end of the stage, we transformed a rainbow condo into a sophisticated living space. By neutralizing the condo and replacing the color and texture through accessories and accent pieces, we created a relaxing city oasis that attracted many interested buyers. After we finished staging, even our staging assistant was ready to make an offer! This is just one example proving that investing in staging is worth the money. SOLD.

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