Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Interior Design predictions are a yearly announcement we look forward to, much like the Pantone color of the year. As designers, it is exciting to hear what the experts think will be in, and what will be out. This year, there are some major trend changes and we are loving them all. We’ve listed a handful of the interior design trends we are most excited to see below to inspire you in the new year!

Indoor Gardens

Dwell Magazine said that “These small-scale plots bring the outdoors in and give residents a chance to commune with nature from the comfort of their own home.”

Layering Old & New

This trend prediction comes from Elle Decor and we are totally on board! The have found that consumers are over the on-stop-shop and design resources. Mixing old, new and locally sourced or handmade items is the new trend we expect to see more of.

Multi-Functional Spaces

According to Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design “more and more clients are opting to take back wasted space in their home offices! A closet can easily be combined with an office, since both spaces are able to disappear behind doors when not in use.”

Off Trend is On Trend

An article by Forbes shared that Los Angeles based interior designer Delta Wright says overall anything “uber-unique” will shine in the upcoming decade.” So if you’re tired of seeing the same styles over and over, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

Colors are the new neutrals

In the new year, we can expect to see neutrals replaced by warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones. According to Forbes. “Tiles, cabinetry, and walls all serve as opportunities for more color.”

Patterns Galore

Patterns, and even more so, layering patterns, is becoming increasingly popular this year. They key to this trend? There are NO rules. Go ahead, mix and match your heart out.

Bold Trim, Ceilings and Doors

An article by Forbes shard; Kelley Mason, stylist at Lulu & Georgia says high contrast design is making a big comeback. “[It gives] an otherwise more monochromatic room a crispness and a fresher take on neutrals,” she says. “Bold black and white feels fresh yet timeless, especially in graphic or Art Deco inspired patterns.”

A few things that are out this year?? All White Kitchens and mirrored furniture are on that list. Along with many other things we were oh so ready to see disappear and a few shocking things we aren’t sure about yet! Next on the blog, what’s OUT in 2020. Stay tuned!

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