How to increase the value of your Seattle home this Spring

Wondering how to increase the value of your Seattle home this spring? You are in the right place! Real estate experts for the Seattle metropolitan area find that the best way to approach home renovations when selling is to keep it simple. This means that the most apparent home repairs are, more often than not, the most lucrative ones. 

Something as simple as installing an energy-efficient heating system or upgrading your kitchen could make it possible for you to ask for as much as ten thousand dollars more than what you would usually be advised to do. This is, obviously, great news, especially if you intend to put your Seattle property up for sale this spring. 

So, to help you avoid dealing with urgent home repairs before you organize showings for potential home buyers, we will discuss what you should focus on so that you can improve your home in the most effective way possible.

What should I pay attention to if I want to increase the value of my Seattle home?

Before we describe specific home improvements in detail, it is vital to clarify why you should even consider making such an investment in the first place. Sometimes, people looking to sell their home are so accustomed to how everything looks and operates that they overlook important factors that might deter potential homebuyers.

Namely, it is important to know your buyers and their living preferences and expectations. Take a look at the state of your living space objectively. Your home is competing against many other properties in Seattle. Hence, keep in mind that buyers will compare and observe everything with a keen critical eye. 

So, be sure to take this fact into account because it will help you make sound financial decisions. In turn, you should enable you to renovate your home to be universally appealing to anyone interested in buying it.

How do I decide what improvements I need to implement?

There are two general rules that should help you decide which home improvements make the most sense for your property. 

Do not invest too much money into home improvements

It is best if you do not invest in home renovations more than you have to. Of course, this is generally a good piece of advice, but it is especially true if you do not have too much money to spend in the first place. 

The process of moving out of your old Seattle home to your new residence can involve so many unforeseen expenses. For this reason, think ahead and save some money by, for example, hiring a reliable moving crew from the area to take care of your belongings and minimize your spending. 

There is another reason why you should not spend too much on pre-sale home improvements. The value of your depends on the average prices in your Seattle neighborhood at the moment of selling. Unfortunately, how tasteful or luxurious your home might look after renovations does not make much of a difference.

Hire only professionals to carry out the home improvements

The second rule is to ensure that any improvements that are to be carried out on your property are done by professionals. This means that it is best if you do not venture into repairing or replacing anything yourself. 

The prospect of saving some money by engaging in a DIY home refurbishment spree might seem like a good idea. However, it is best if you leave this to the professionals. Any subpark work done on your home might have an adverse effect and actually lower your home value. New owners might even have to invest more money to fix the problem. Additionally, professional repairmen will be able to give you unbiased advice as to which improvements are most likely to increase the value of your Seattle home this spring.

What are some home improvements that can raise the value of your Seattle property?

Further on, we will discuss which home improvements could have a beneficial effect on the value of your Seattle home. 

Invest in a good heating system

If possible, you might want to consider installing a central heating system. Other than this, gas, when available, is the most preferred system of heating by Seattle homebuyers. Oil prices are typically very high, so be sure to switch to another energy source, if possible. 

If you are looking to bring your property to perfection, then the extra cost of installing underfloor heating is an excellent investment. The new homeowners will have lower heating bills (and no eyesores in the form of radiators in their home).

Extra space means extra money

Depending on the size of your home, an extra bedroom or any extension of your square footage will be greatly appreciated by homebuyers. An additional bathroom or en-suite is also usually in demand on the Seattle real estate market. If in doubt as to how you should construct or renovate your bathroom(s), white or neutral color schemes are typically most preferred.

Also, whether you are selling a home or an apartment, good presentation is important, if not crucial. You can use some staging tips to make your home seem bigger, even if it lacks space.


Obviously, most homebuyers appreciate it when they do not have to invest any additional money into home improvements. So, if you haven’t upgraded your windows in years, good quality window replacement will surely increase the value of your home (especially considering strong Seattle winds). Also, avoid PVC windows if you want to increase the value of your Seattle home this spring. This is especially true if the property initially had wooden windows.

Article Written by Sophia Perry – Edited by Ashley Pasquale

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