• How To Decorate A Shared Bedroom Both Children Will Love

    Bright Girls' Bedroom

    Creating a shared bedroom that fits the needs and styles of two children is often seen as a challenge. Whether a shared bedroom is something you’re working on due to the size of your home, or your kids are just close enough in age, when they share a bedroom it shouldn’t be seen as a limitation of your home. Designing a shared space can actually be super fun and once your kids see these rooms they will think so too! Here are a few inspirational designs to show you how to decorate a shared bedroom both children will love. 

    Shared Bedroom

    Light & Bright

    We love a neutral palette with a pop of color. This bedroom has us feeling ready for some fun in the sun with the bright corals and fresh greenery. It is perfect for a couple of sisters who are out of the girly-girl phase but are not quite full-blown teens. It’s subtle with just the right touch of Girl Power. We love this example of how to decorate a shared bedroom for young ladies. 

    Shared Bedroom Wild Theme

    Into the Wild

    This room is all boys without the classic blue color palette. We kept the color scheme monochromatic, using tribal prints and fun black and white graphics to add depth to this boy room. The theme “WILD” is very trendy this year and can be used for boys and girls of all ages. Add a fun color to the space as we did with these orange pillows to make the space their own. 

    Bear Theme Bedroom

    How BEARy Adorable

    When you take a look at this neutral color scheme, can you tell if this room is a boys or girls? Trick question. It’s actually the perfect gender-neutral space for siblings of both genders. The simple color palette with matching bedding creates the perfect palette for both kids to feel like the space is theirs. We used a mix of throw pillows to differentiate beds and distinguish different personalities. 

    Shared Bedroom Bird Theme

    TOUCAN Share This Adorable Bedroom

    We wanted to create a fun, bright, and gender neutral bedroom here. With the use of patterns, colors, and animals, it could easily be a shared space any gender or combination. Using animals can be a fun way to add personality for each child into the design. 

    Dinosaur Theme Bedroom

    Did Someone Say Dinosaurs?

    We are ROARing with excitement for this boy’s bedroom. Although dinosaurs don’t only appeal to boys, we geared this space more towards younger boys. With the blue walls, vibrant use of color and dinosaurs everywhere, this room screams “I’m a dinosaur fan!”. We loved creating this room, and if you have a dinosaur lover they are sure to love it too!

    Shared Bedroom Tea Party Theme

    Let’s Have A Tea Party

    This bedroom is femininity at its finest, yet there isn’t a single trace of pink in this space. Instead, hearts on the walls, picket fence headboards, and a table fit for a tea party create the perfect balance of feminine. In other words, you don’t need pink for a girly atmosphere in this sweet girl’s bedroom. This room is a great example of how neutral can still be ladylike in a classic way. 

    Neutral kids bedroom

    Ready For An Adventure

    We are ready for an adventure with this shared room! This room could easily be converted to appease any age with just a couple of simple modifications. The map on the wall is a timeless take on an adventure-themed design that could be found even in a home office. The use of subtle hues of blue and a golden yellow make this room feel very warm and inviting. We love the whale pillows on the bed which show that even though this room isn’t painted with color and toys, it is definitely a child’s bedroom. 


    When creating a shared space, remember that you can find balance in design even with age gaps, interests or mixed genders. Specifically, a neutral palette can provide the perfect canvas for creating a space that both of your children can enjoy for many years to come. Use items that can be easily updated like throw pillows, wall art, and bedding to bring personality into the space. Most importantly, let your kids be involved in the process. Need some more inspiration for how to decorate a shared bedroom both children will love? Follow us on Instagram to stay current with our projects. 

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