How To Create A Home Theater

Have you been feeling anxious after being stuck inside for so long? Things are starting to open back up, but maybe you’re not quite ready to jump in with two feet to socializing with friends at venues or theaters. If you’re looking for an in between, why not treat family and friends to a night at the movies inside your home!? Take advantage of new technology offering a similar experience to the cinema and bring the theater to you. Here are some recommendations so you can create a home theater.

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Lay It Out

It’s best to sketch your home theater room and mark locations of your screen, chairs, and sound system (to include the individual surround sound speaker locations) prior to installation of any equipment.  A room 20 x 13 feet is perfect and preferably has sound proofing and is away from sleeping areas.  The ideal projector screen size is 110 to 120 inches for a room this size.  A framed screen using a set of black acoustic panels to hide the front speakers adds a professional touch.  Larger UHD 4k TVs are also an option for home cinema viewing. Business Insider has listed the best home theater systems here. You can also find information on the best projectors in this article, and the best TV’s of 2021 here

Pay Attention To Lighting

Find a projector offering at least 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness for day and evening watching if the room allows-in natural light.  Less windows are better, as natural light will potentially decrease visibility of the screen.  Black out curtains will go a long way to mitigate glare.  Lighting is best with smart-bulbs or programmed remote controlled dimming lights. 

The Importance of Sound

Sound is one of the most important aspects to any home theater.  Ensure the sound system is compatible with your projector or TV being used inside your home theater.  An AV receiver may be needed if your sound system is separate components from your projector or TV.  You can camouflage speakers with clever use acoustic panels with custom prints designs, to include movie posters or family photos.  5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 surround sound systems helps create a cinema sound experience.  There are easy all-in-one options for home theaters but its possible to piece together your own system based upon budget or quality. 

Furnish For Comfort

View your movies in comfort by using sofas or loveseats.  Two rows of four seats, with an elevated back row, will fit perfectly inside a 20×13 room.  Reclining seats, cup holders, collapsible trays, armrests, and genuine leather with comfortable headrests are all options! If you’re looking for the traditional style theater seating check out article or comparisons and pricing on single recliners and loveseats for home theaters. If you would like to go a less traditional route, we think this option from RH is both comfortable and luxurious. 


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