How to Decorate Your Home in the Eclectic Style

To complete our series of blog posts on our 2018 interior design predictions, this week we will discuss eclectic design. Designing your home in the eclectic style is probably the most fun because you throw a lot of rules out the window. If you are wanting a unique look, are a couple with different tastes, or if you love the aesthetics from multiple eras and are having trouble choosing this is probably the right interior style for you.

What is Eclectic Style?

First, let’s start off with the basics. What exactly is eclectic style? Essentially, it is a mix-match of aesthetics from different styles creating a new, unique look. Sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to pinpoint because it’s a blending of styles. Depending on how much you want to mix pieces from different eras determines how obvious it is.

That doesn’t mean that you break all the rules. The basic design rules still apply, just not specific design style rules. For example, you have Midcentury furniture but then instead of keeping it strictly period appropriate, you throw in some modern pieces as well. Just because you are mixing and matching does not mean that you choose everything at random. If you do this, your home will end up looking like an overwhelming mess with nothing to ground it. Instead, think of it as carefully curating different pieces that match your personal and varied taste. Designing your home in the eclectic style means it looks diverse, but everything meshes well together.

Top Tips for Designing Your Home in the Eclectic Style

When designing your home in the eclectic style, it is easy to get carried away. Here are some suggestions for you so you can have fun with the style while preventing your design from getting chaotic.

 Stay Focused:

  •  Make sure it’s not a mixture of every era ever.
  • Try to pick 3 styles max.
  • Remember that while you are picking different styles of pieces….not everything goes!

Be Consistent:

  • Think each room out carefully but don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • The rooms in your house should still flow well together, so make sure there are connecting features.

Unify Through Color:

  • Pick a few neutrals to ground the design and keep the flow then add some pops of brighter hues.

Contrast Your Pieces Against Each Other:

  • Let things play off of each other to highlight one another’s unique features.
  • Examples: Using an ornate Victorian side table next to a simple transitional chair or a glamorous antique crystal chandelier above a sleek modern dining table set

The genius of eclectic style is that it’s a flexible design that can match our multi-faceted personalities. For highly creative people who don’t strictly fit into one type of group, this style is perfect because it mimics the varied tastes of their personality. Essentially, eclectic style is diverse and full of character yet completely harmonious.

As always, we are happy to help you with your interior design needs. Email or call (206) 334-0266 to arrange an interior design consultation. Happy designing!

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