Creative Ways to Use Space Under Stairs

The space under stairs is good for more than horror movies.  Homeowners can craft a unique space under the stairs with some ingenuity.  Capitalize on the potential and use your square footage to the maximum extent! At Seattle Staged to Sell we make it a priority to maximize the potential of the entire home. the space beneath the stairs is no exception. Here are a few creative ways to utilize what some might consider an awkward waste of space. 

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Construct a pantry under the stairs if your kitchen lacks storage for dry goods or cookware.  Build a closet with shelving for an area to stock additional kitchen needs.  This is especially useful in smaller homes or for the home chef!

Coat Closet

Shoes, coats, and umbrellas can clutter entryways and be a visible stressor.  Build a coat closet under the stairs for items rarely needed or when you leave the home.  This brings order to the home and eliminates the necessity for bulky storage furniture in foyers.


Under the stairs space present bookworms without a home library an incredible option.  Build shelving and showcase your books!  Personalize your home and give yourself the library you always wanted.

Playroom for Kids

Give your children a space to exercise their imagination.  Fabricate a room with a tiny door and window to give it a playhouse feel.  Put in a small mattress and pillows with books for a reading area.  It can be place to host tea parties seated at a small table and chairs.  Maybe it’s another portal to Narnia?

Wine Storage

Add some classiness and install a wine rack under your stairs.  Homeowners can enclose the space with labeled drawers to house the wine in an orderly fashion.  Another option is to expose the wine bottles in wooden or wire shelving silhouetted by a backlight.  A mini-bar area with a wine cooler is an option for larger areas under the stairs.

Home Office

No need to give up a bedroom to create an office.  Install a desk and shelving under the stairs to gain the workspace.  Free up your other rooms for other purposes.  Tap into wiring to power your office equipment to avoid running wires to other outlets! 


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