Creating in-house storage spaces 101

One of the most common problems for every family is the lack of storage space. As the family grows and children get older, more and more items come to the house, and therefore you need more storage. However, building an extra room or moving into a bigger home is not always an option, so you need to work with what you’ve got. Don’t worry; there is a way to work that out perfectly fine. We have some of the best ideas for creating in-house storage spaces so you can easily solve the lack-of-space problem right in your home.

Moving into a new home?

If you are looking for a new home to move into, carefully assess property before buying. Think about your storage and lifestyle needs, so you are sure that you are choosing the best option there is. If necessary, write down everything you need from a home or consult a professional to help you out.

How to avoid piling up 

Before you start creating in-house storage spaces, think about your home for a moment. Do you really need that extra space? Many families often have a lot of items that have piled up over the years and that take a lot of space in their homes. So, before you start building, try decluttering your home first. Do it systematically, room by room, so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Get rid of all the items you don’t really need or use, and then you can see the true space situation in your house. And to avoid piling up, include decluttering into your regular monthly clean, or do it once a year. You wouldn’t believe how much space you can get by doing this! Furthermore, forgetting to declutter before packing for the move is one of the most common moving mistakes.

What to do with the items you don’t want anymore?

Depending on the condition of the items, you can either sell them online or at a garage sale, donate or recycle. Try to make the best use out of them, rather than just simply throwing them away.

Creating in-house storage spaces 

After you go through your rooms and remove all the items you don’t need, it’s time to consider creating in-house storage spaces and ways to maximize your tiny haven. With all the unnecessary items and furniture out of the way, you have a clear idea of where you can install more storage and how much you actually need. 


Hallways are one of those rooms in the house you often forget about when it comes to storage and organization. And yet, they can be incredibly useful. First of all, think about your shoes – are they scattered around the floor of the hallway? If the answer is yes, you need to think about creating in-house storage spaces dedicated to shoes, since they can be a big clutter problem. Here you can think vertically, and get a shoe rack or two, that will help you organize the shoes and get them out of the (hall)way. Also, be sure to organize your shoes by season, and keep those you don’t use at the moment somewhere else. 

Another way to add more storage space in your hallway is by buying a console that can be even combined with a shoe rack. It can be used for a number of different items, such as winter/summer accessories like scarves, gloves, glasses, hats, etc.

Hallways can be an amazing way of creating in-house storage spaces – you just need to be creative. alt.tag: Hallway used for creating in-house storage spaces.

Under the stairs 

The understairs space can be used for many different options. Some of the best under stairs design ideas include creating a bookshelf, space for your bikes, shelves for the different fragile items, and even a TV station as an extended part of your living room. Basically, the options are endless, yet this part of the home is often not used well. So, be sure to think about what do you need this space for the most and adapt it to your own needs.

Stairs and the space around and under them are often underestimated when it comes to creating in-house storage spaces . alt.tag: Shelves and stairs for creating in-house storage spaces.

The bedroom is not only for sleeping 

Bedrooms can have another function in addition to providing comfort at the end of a long day. There are ways of making your bedroom appear larger and creating in-house storage spaces. Since you need more space for all the clothes, and often have no space to add more wardrobes and other storage furniture, you can try to create more storage space with what you’ve already got. For example, if you are not raveling that often, fill those suitcases and use them as storage space. Also, think about having a storage bed/ottoman bed, which can be a great space for storing beddings, sheets, etc. Also, if you have some free space under the bed, you can buy adequate drawers that go under it, or get plastic boxes that can store a lot of your clothes you don’t use at the moment

Use your bedroom to add more storage space for the seasonal items. alt.tag A bedroom.

Extra tip: When it comes to storing seasonal clothes, a big space-saver are vacuum bags. They can minimize the space your coats, jackets, and thick sweaters take during summer months. Also, if you need easy packing and moving stress-free to another state, vacuum bags can help a lot, along with the other packing supplies.


As we mentioned before, you need to think vertically when creating in-house storage spaces. Shelves are the perfect way to add some additional space almost anywhere in the house. Think about all the free walls, recesses or any similar spaces that could be filled with shelves. This system can lift many things you have on the floor and make a big difference in your house. 

Attic and basement 

Since you don’t use these rooms all the time, using them could be an amazing way of creating in-house storage spaces.However, these need to be prepared for use and have the proper balance between insulation and ventilation. This way, you will be sure that the items you store here are protected from humidity and very high/low temperatures in winter and summer. Once again, shelves are your best friends – they are a very useful way to lift the items off the floor and add a ton of space.

Written by Sophia Perry – Edited by Ashley Pasquale

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