What Is Boutique Style Staging?

Seattle Staged to Sell has been in the business now for 16 years. We started before home staging was even popular in the Greater Seattle Area. Our owner, Shirin, created this business all those years ago without borrowing a single penny, and with her neighbor’s nephew as her only staging assistant. So what made us grow into the thriving company we are today with multiple designers and 13 overall employees? What sets Seattle Staged to Sell apart from other staging companies is that we are a boutique-style business.

What do we mean by boutique-style?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word ’boutique’ means a “a small company that offers highly specialized services or products.” And that is exactly what Seattle Staged to Sell is. We are a small local business and that allows us to cater to your needs and create long-lasting relationships with our clients. Most importantly, it allows us to make sure we keep our designs fresh and original for each stage. We offer highly specialized products because none of our staged homes are designed the same.

What are the benefits of a boutique-style staging company?

Now that you know what a boutique-style company is, here is a list of expectations you may have for a company of our calibre.

Expect Top-Notch Customer Service

When our founder, Shirin, started Seattle Staged to Sell she made sure to found a core culture based on relationships. She wanted to ensure that her employees would work together as a team and that she would create long-lasting relationships with her clients. Inspired by Nordstrom’s nationally acclaimed customer service, she decided that she wanted her company to also be known for its customer service as much as its beautiful designs.

Thirteen years later, we have 168 client reviews on Houzz with a five star rating. Being a local boutique style company and not a franchise, we can put our focus on YOU and YOUR needs without watering down any of our services. We cherish each and everyone of our clients and they can tell. No wonder why Houzz has awarded us with their Best Of Service award six years in a row.

Expect Unique Designs

As mentioned earlier, all of our designs are unique. We know that one-size does not fit all when it comes to home staging. At Seattle Staged to sell, we believe in the creative process and not in formulas. We do not take any shortcuts with our work. This ensures that your staged home looks different from all of the other staged homes in the hot real estate market in the Greater Seattle Area. Because Seattle real estate is so big, it is crucial for your home to stand out amongst all the rest. You want prospective buyers who view your home to remember it—and in a positive light!

In 2017, we staged two craftsman homes just a few blocks away from each other in Queen Anne for the same agent and at a similar price point. We staged them completely differently to the point that at the broker’s open, people asked our client if the same stager really staged both homes because they were both unique. Our client’s reply?

“Yes, that is what Seattle Staged to Sell does.”

Boutique-style staging craftsman living room design

The living rooms for the two Craftsman Queen Anne homes for the same agent (above and below)

Boutique-style staging craftsman living room design

Expect Quality Designs

We take the time to make sure that our designs are top notch. We stage a wide variety of homes from small condos to large luxury mansions. At Seattle Staged to Sell, we guarantee that no matter what the price point or size of your home is, we take the same steps to ensure that your stage is the best that it can be. In 2017, we staged homes ranging from a $6.5 million home in Mercer Island that sold in the first week to small a one-bedroom condo in Belltown that sold in just days on the market.

We love staging such a large variety of homes from scratch because it stretches our creative muscles. Because we don’t have rely on basic formulaic designs, we can design in the style that you want us to. Whether you want a mid-century modern, eclectic, boho, transitional, traditional, or modern design, we can do it. No matter the style of decor, the price point, and the size of your home, we take utmost care in making sure we are dedicated to providing you with high quality designs specific to your home.


Expect Attention to Detail

This goes without saying when we say to expect quality designs. But because it is so important, we have decided to put it as its own separate category. From our proposals to our designs, you may expect detail. As part of our service, our comprehensive proposals take you room-by-room so you are kept in the loop. Staging is an investment, and we want to make sure you know what you are investing in before you sign any contracts with us.

As for our designs, we go the extra mile. We know that everything is in the small details. We take our accessories seriously…so seriously that we even create our own! Our designer, Dalana, has hand drawn many art pieces in our inventory. She has also taken up many other creative projects to make sure our stages have those personal finishing touches. We also collaborate with other local artists so your staged homes get custom-made original art pieces to wow prospective buyers. We put in the extra effort other staging companies don’t to make sure that your home stands out and makes the best first impression. As we like to say, “Let the first impression sell your home.”


With all these qualities you can expect from us as a local boutique-style staging company, it is no wonder why Houzz lists us first on their list of 278 for the best home stagers in Seattle. Our boutique-style company culture is why most of our new business in 2017 was generated simply by word of mouth or by new clients picking up our business cards at open houses. We don’t need to rely on spending money on advertising on Google so our name pops up as other companies do. We instead invest that money back into our designs so your home can get the custom staging it deserves. When our clients are happy, we are happy.

To read our reviews on Houzz click here.

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