3 Interior Design Predictions for 2018 That You Need to Know About

2018 is now upon us, and we are extremely excited for the new year! With a new year comes new interior design trends, and our designers worked extra hard this past December visiting various showrooms, SDC vendors, and national design stores and discussing their new ideas for 2018 together. We came up with this list of our top 3 interior design predictions for 2018 for all of you out there who are looking to revamp your homes. For more details on each trend, we will be launching a series of blog posts targeting each one—so stay tuned!

1) Color, color, and more color

The strongest trend that you will see everywhere as 2018 progresses is bigger and brighter colors. We are talking about rich jewel tones, peppy sherbert ice cream hues, or dark moodier shades all around. While the trendy white-on-white look is clean and classic, pops of color give life to any tired room. Both Pantone and Sherwin Williams chose bold shades for their 2018 colors of the year, so you know this trend is going to be ‘hue’ge. Pun intended, obviously.

Seattle Home Staging Mt. Baker Living Room Design Color

2) Here a pattern, there a pattern, everywhere a pattern pattern

2017’s reigning supreme trend, the minimalist modern look is starting to phase out. While it will likely always stay popular, sometimes we need to just change things up. Many in the international design community are talking about transitioning from ultra clean and simple designs to more sprightly and busy ones. This does not necessarily mean to bombard your home with patterns for a visual overload. Rather, feel free to express your individual creativity and play around with different patterns to add extra interest to any room.

Yarrow Point, Bellevue New Construction Home Staging

3) Electric Eclectic Style

In 2017, ultra-modern and farmhouse styles were among the most popular on Instagram. This year, prepare to see more eclectic interior decor on your feeds. Eclectic style brings together elements from multiple eras and creates a new entirely cohesive design genre. This style is all about getting your innovative juices flowing so you can design your house with your favorite elements of different styles in a way in which everything works together. How fun!

Seattle Capitol Hill Neighborhood Home Staging Living Room Eclectic Design

Design Predictions Conclusion

Essentially, 2018 is about breaking away from the all-white and monochromatic look that we see everywhere for everything. It’s about taking on the courage to express your own individuality. Monochromatic style isn’t dead, rather it has to share the spotlight for those with quirkier tastes. Feel free to mix those patterns, experiment with your color palettes, and use furniture from different eras. Most importantly, just have fun with it! Your house will truly feel like a home once it has your unique personality at the core of its decor. Happy decorating!


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