2019 Fall Home Trends

With the new season comes new trends for both fashion and home decor. Among them, some tried and true designs.. in addition to a few surprises and throw backs. We’re seeing lots of textures, boldly combined metals and more. Throughout the years we have designed homes using many of these trends. Check out some of our favorite examples of the top Fall home trends we are seeing this year. 

All The Textures

This trend isn’t new..  and clearly it’s here to stay. Get ready to see the limits pushed with textures used on walls, in furniture and with a lot of layers! We loved this natural material on this bench and paired it with a fur throw and a couple of fun accent pillows. Don’t be afraid to ix textures with patterns and colors to really make your space stand out. 

Pink isn’t just for Wednesday

You read that right. We’re seeing pink hues used in many homes this season and it is STUNNING. The designer of this condominium used pops of coral throughout the entire home to make the rooms cohesive as well as brighten them up. Can you spot another trend used in this design? Mixes metals with the side tables, coffee table and table lamps are also featured in this design. 

Natural woods and Materials

This trend has also been around for a bit. Thanks to Chip and Joana Gaines for paving the way of the farmhouse trend. This trend is predicted to begin fading in the next year but we anticipate that with the popularity of natural woods and materials sticking around we’ll continue to see applications such as this fireplace surround. Natural woods can be used in your home with accents walls such as this or in furniture selection. If you’re looking for a less permanent or less expensive commitment try adding in natural materials through baskets and wall decor as done with this space. This Fall home trend is also easy to apply with Holiday decor and accents!

Mixed Metals

No mixed feelings about mixed metals here! This trend can be applied in many different ways, minimal or more dramatic. In this master bedroom sitting area the designer a matching hammered silver drum coffee table and side table. The light fixture and window hardware was already in place and were both black finishes. This trend can be done in a more dramatic way, placing mixed metals such as brass or iron on the coffee table in addition to the in place fixtures. If you’re loving this trend and want a more permanent installation in your home, try mixing metals in your kitchen with hardware and light fixtures.

Nods to Nature

This Fall home trend isn’t new but we’re expecting to see it used in a variety of ways and limits pushed. You can implement this trend into your home in subtle ways with greenery, faux or live, in center pieces or large plants. Alternatively, you also incorporate this trend into your design by using textures and prints that resemble things found in nature. Try a mix of implied nods to nature and actual nature to create a unique blend for your home.

Whether you are already applying some of these Fall home trends in your design or you are looking to make some trendy updates, we hope you found these examples helpful and inspiring. You can check out more of our work from recent years here.

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