• A Transitional Design For This Queen Anne Craftsman House

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    We love staging Queen Anne houses. This Craftsman house stood among the other houses. The front porch, the windows, and the original millwork were in great condition. You could feel and tell that this home was cared for by the homeowner. We wanted to keep the design of this Queen Anne House clam, muted, and sophisticated. Therefore we felt a transitional design was the best choice for this Queen Anne home.

    With any transitional design, the color palette is neutral. The layering of textures and colors creates a rich and sophisticated look that is timeless. This is why transitional styles are and showrooms like Restoration Hardware Store or Pottery Barn are so popular. As soon as you walk into these showrooms, you feel a sense of calm. This is because of all soft neutral color palette and the sense of continuity. We created the same feel for this Queen Anne house.

    Seattle Staged To Sell Queen Anne home staging
    Staged Queen Anne Living Room

    Two sofas made the living room look spacious and we still kept the footpath open and clear. 

    Seattle Staged To Sell Queen Anne home staging

    This mirror placement was perfect since it brought the outside in.

    seattle staged to sell home staging
    We continued the soft neutral color palette and textures in the office as well.

    A simple home office with repeated muted colors and light wood. This room naturally flowed into other rooms.

    Seattle Staged To Sell

    This master bedroom had a funky space. So we added a tall mirror and stool to suggest a dressing area.

    Seattle Staged to sell

    Since this house had only three bedrooms, we designed one of the larger bedrooms with two twin beds not to only showcase the size of the room, but to show that you can have two kids in this room.

    Seattle Staged To Sell

    Again, this room had a funky space. We chose a desk and chair to show a homework space. Having multiple functions for rooms is always a good thing.

    This house was sold with multiple offer and way above asking price, all cash, in just days. This was another staged home by us that the buyers wanted to buy our furniture pieces – and we always love that. Transitional designs and Queen Anne homes are two of our favorite things.

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    Brix condominium is one of those special Capitol Hill condominium building that is in the heart of all of the energy and excitement.  Located on Broadway, one doesn’t need to go far to find any of the special places mentioned above.  What makes this building unique compared to other building in the same vicinity is the way it feels like a sanctuary, despite it being in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. This particular unit, was especially a gem since it was a corner building with the views of the Mt. Rainier.Read more

  • A Staged Seattle Homeowner-Occupied House SOLD In ONE Day!

    Every home can benefit from home staging and this Seattle homeowner occupied home is a perfect example of this.

    Carl, the homeowner, was ready to sell his Seattle house and move into his new condo and he was excited about his new downsized living.  His realtor had advised him of the benefits or home staging and since he was eager to move, he was more than willing to have his home staged. 

    When we get these kinds of projects, our biggest questions are:

    • What existing pieces can we incorporate into our designs to save money for the home seller
    • What can we do to make life easier for homeowners who live in their homes and have to keep their homes show ready while their home is on the market for sale. The comfort of the homeowner is important, otherwise they will not be able to keep up the “staged” look and design

    The master bedroom of this homeowner-occupied home had these challenges:

    • The bed was blocking the big beautiful windows
    • The bedding was old and had seen better days
    • The dresser placement was wrong
    • A piece was missing
    • The walls were blank 
    Before and after staging master bedroom
    Solutions: Redesigned the room, added new bedding and wall art pieces, and brought a chair from the basement to fill up the corner

    By Redesigning the existing furniture and adding new bedding and accessories from our inventory, this home was now ready the for Seattle real estate market. When home buyers look online to find their homes, which picture do you think would entice them to come and take a closer look? 

    The way homeowners live in their homes and the way they should present their homes to prospective home buyers are very different from each other.  This living room had these challenges: 

    • The furniture placement was not inviting nor offered a cozy conversation area
    • The TV blocked the window and the view all of the tangled wires was super distracting
    • A rocking chair blocked the fireplace
    • The built-ins were unorganized and cluttered
    • The walls were blank and lacked interest

    We moved the existing sofa to the basement and brought in a more modern and smaller love seat with coordinating chairs and accent pieces to create a conversation area around the fireplace. The TV was no longer blocking the window and by removing the speakers, we managed to reduce the view of the tangled wires to a minimum. The book shelves were de-cluttered and we added interesting and colorful accessories.  Home staging made all the difference for this occupied home for sale. 

    Bathrooms are very important to homebuyers and they look at every detail. This is true even more so for small bathrooms. As a professional home stager, I help homeowners who have to live in their homes while their homes are on the market to get organized and to STAY organized by creating management systems.  This bathroom had these challenges: 

    • Cluttered
    • Too many personal items
    • Old and tired towels

    A bit of de-cluttering, organizing and freshening up went a long way to shine this small bathroom.

    For many people, basements become forgotten places for homeowners and when you are selling your home, you are actually selling the square footage of your home.  There should be NO FORGOTTEN places. This basement had these challenges:

    • This space had become a catchall place and the function of the room was left to one’s imagination
    • The fireplace and the windows, which were the main focal points of this room, were lost

    We turned this forgotten place into an inviting second living space for this home seller by using the existing  sofa from living room, and added a couple of chairs and accent pieces with accessories from our own inventory to soften the space, create interest, and define it for the home buyers.

    This Seattle house was SOLD on the first day and the home owner could not be happier. This homeowner is busy packing to move into his new home, knowing that his house was sold for the top dollar in the least amount of the time.  

    Every home, whether vacant or homeowner-occupied can benefit from home staging.  This is why 2011 HomeGain survey showed home staging with a 399% ROI.

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  • The Downsides Of Staging Homes

    What are the downsides of staging homes?

    staging benefits by seattle staged to sellFrom time to time, I do come across home sellers, and yes, even some agents, who say that they are not sold in the benefits of home staging. Some even go further and give me a list of their own opinions of the downsides of staging homes. So, are there any downsides? Let’s examine this question. 

    I can think of a few downsides of staging homes:

    • During the up economy, staged homes sell faster and for more.
    • During the down economy, staged homes move faster and closer to the asking price.
    • When the homes are sold faster, it means that home sellers get more money for their homes AND they save money on the upkeep of the house like taxes, utility bills and mortgage.
    • Even though the price creates interest, staging brings the offers.

    The home buyers might feel the downside of staging when they may end up paying more for the homes they have made an emotional connection to and fallen in love with. But I think, that the downside of staging is HUGE for the home sellers who are not serious about selling their homes and earning the best return on one of their biggest assets, their home.

    Benefits of staging homes by seattle staged to sell




    Therefore, if you are not a serious home seller and you are just toying with the idea of selling your home, stay away from investing an average of $2500 to stage your home. Otherwise, you may have to deal with the mentioned downsides that will force you into packing and getting ready to move out and into your next home.

    Watch out for those downsides!