Why We LOVE Our Seattle Based Home Staging Business Model

Seattle Home Staging

Not all homes are alike and this is why here at Seattle Staged To Sell, we design and stage each home uniquely and stay away from a formula design where house after house, the design basically remains the same with little or no variation. It is true that using such a formula would save a lot of time and labor, but we prefer to take our time and spend the additional labor costs to achieve the best ... READ MORE

Are you selling a house OR a home? There is a slight difference! Part 1

Tips on selling your house by seattle staged to sell

Before putting your house on the market, you should be thinking about WHAT you are actually trying to sell or even more importantly, what you should be trying to sell. Are you selling a house OR a home? There is a slight, but important difference! After years of being a home stager and working with countless realtors and home sellers, I have come to know that home sellers and agents usually fall ... READ MORE

Who Are You Staging the Homes For Anyway?


CONGRATULATIONS!  You have signed the papers and gotten yourself a new listing. Now, you need to start preparing the home for the market. Like all the top rated and successful realtors, your first call is to your professional home stager. Once in the house, you and your home stager will be discussing your staging strartegy. A dining room with a round table, a master bedroom with this and that, ... READ MORE

I Opened The Door And My Heart Sank

Home sellers had painted the walls a dark blue color

I was recently asked to visit a condo unit in the Capitol Hill area for possible staging. I met with the home owner and the agent to discuss the needs of the home before it went on the market.  One of the main recommendations was to repaint the walls a warm neutral color and I suggested Jute By Benjamin Moore.  On the day of staging, I opened the door and my heart just sank. I was expecting ... READ MORE

I Said YES To Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green Walls For This House!

orange walls in the powder room

Yep, you heard me right. Sometimes I do tell home sellers not to change the wall colors and to leave those strong colors on the walls. And the reason for this "nontraditional" home stagingrecommendation is consistent with the occasions when I tell the home seller to change the wall colors.  When I meet the home sellers and take a closer look at their homes, I make serveral recommendations and ... READ MORE

When The Home Staging Price Tag Sounds Too Good To Be True, Then Probably It Is


Last year, I was asked by a home seller to provide a quote for staging a home in West Seattle that had an asking price of $599,000. It was a lovely mid-century house with a charming well manicured garden on a quaint street. It was easy to love the house, the views, and the original stone fireplace. The large windows (which was one of the beautiful features in most mid-century homes) were ... READ MORE

Forgotten Spaces in a House for Sale


The only things finished in this basement were the walls. The floors were cement and this space was used as a catchall space. We recommended that all the items be stored or donated and to add carpet and side boards. Then we brought in a few accent pieces and used the home owners table, chairs, and TV to define an inviting family area. For an investment of $1,400, this home owner added 300 square ... READ MORE

Queen Anne House, Staged &SOLD!


Recently, we staged a home in the Queen Anne area, which is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Seattle.  This particular house was mid-centry and had beautiful windows with lovely territorial views.  The home owners loved the views so much, that they had put two chairs in front of the window to sit on for when they wanted to relax with their cup of coffee. One of the homeowners told ... READ MORE

How To Choose A Qualified Home Stager

Seattle homes for sale

You're planning to put your home on the market and want to hire a home stager. Then you should keep few points in mind, when it comes to choosing a qualified home stager. First of all, you should call about three different home stagers and ask them to view your property. Getting a price over the phone doesn't give you any important information. You should NOT compare prices with prices only. Have ... READ MORE