• Seattle Home Staging – Preparing Houses For Sale

    Seattle home staging prepares homes for sale and helps home owners to achieve their sale goals and sometime even surpass it.

    When you are preparing your home to put it on the market for sale, you need to keep these facts in mind:

    1. Your home will be competing fiercely with the other houses on the market. Homes going on the market is like being on a beauty pagent and the prettiest one wins. Ask yourself, do you want to sell your house or do you want your house to sell your competition? Home staging makes the difference.
    2. 95% of home buyers look online before deciding to come in person to view the houses.  The SOLD sign goes up only after home bueyrs have visited the homes. Home staging creates beautiful online photos and entices home buyers to come in and take a look. 
    3. 85% can’t visulaize how to see themselves in the homes for sale. Home Staging defines the rooms for the home buyers and takes out the guessing game out. 
    4. Empty rooms look smaller than furnished rooms. Home staging not only defines the spaces, but it helps to showcase the size of the rooms. 
    5. Vacant homes stay on the market an average of 165 days where the house price has been reduced several time and in addition the upkeep cost of the house is ongpoing while the house stays on the market. Home staging reduces the number of days on the market or DOM since the national average of DOM for staged homes is 29. We, as a Seattle based home staging company, are proud to say that the average DOM for Seattle Staged To Sell is 19 days. Home staging is an investment and NOT an expense. 
    Seattle staged to sell home staging statistics.
    Our 2012 home staging stats have us jumping for joy!

    These before and after photos of  Seattle staged homes speak volumes of the importance of preparing homes for sale with home staging. 

    • Home Staging prepared and transformed this forgotten basement into a cozy media room. Do you think homebuyers would have been able to imagine the  possibilities  and different functions of this room without home staging? The answer is NO! Home staging parepares and defines every space of the house. Remember every space matters.

    Seattle home staging transforming homes
    The before and after photos shows how staging transformed and prepared this basement for home buyers.
    •  Home staging transformed this unidentified and small room into an inviting and cozy kid’s room. A well prepared house for sale sells faster by crushing the competition. 
    Seattle home staging transforming seattle homes
    Unidentified room was transformed into a cozy and inviting kdis room.
    •  Before home staging, this kitchen was dull and dark. After home staging this beautiful mid-century kitchen was transformed and the cabinets became one of hte higlights of  this house. 
    Seattle home staging company
    This kitchen looked tired and dark. Home staging transformed this space.
    •  Every room in this house was painted in strong and dark colors, which suited the home seller’s taste and life style while they lived in it. However, home staging created a cohesive and well identified bright rooms.
    home staging transformed this seattle Queen Anne house.
    Home staging transformed these rooms into cohesive and bright ones.

    These house transformations and results make home staging an investment and it is cheaper than the first price reduction. Be an informative home seller and hire a professional home stager to prepare your home for the market. Let the competition sell your and not the other way around. 



  • Working With Our Ideal Clients Has Made All The Difference

    Some things you just learn with experience! Period.

    learning from experience

     Learning to identify our ideal clients and ONLY working with them  is an example of one of these lessons learned through experience.  Of course, this approach requires saying NO at times.  Some might feel that they simply can’t say no to a potential client or to the income. This was true for us too. But we have learned that by saying NO to poorly matched clients, we are creating more space and time for our ideal clients and serving them even better. This path proved to be very successful.

    We created a list of what we feel identifies someone as an ideal client for every service category that we offer.  It was our intent that this would be a guide to help us recognize clients that are a good fit for what we offer.  This is our list:

    • We are passionate home stagers and we love what we do so our ideal client is one who gets us even more excited about what we do everday.
    • We put people, like home sellers, first ALL the time. Not all real estate transactions are for happy reasons and we often deal with delicate situations. Therefore our ideal client has to be in this business because they love what they do AND they take care of their clients also.  They are not in business just to create wealth.  They love real estate and truly want to help their clients to achieve their sales goals.  Relationships matters to us.
      Seattle Staged to sell ideal client
      Our ideal client values our hard work.
    • Details make the difference.  We pay attention to every detail of the homes and our ideal clients do the same. They don’t believe in putting homes on the market as is. Their listings are prepared and ready for staging.
    • Creativity is the essence of what we do. We love to work with realtors who value creativity, authenticity and hard work
    • Home staging is hard work.  A tremendous amount of coordination, planning, managing and communication goes into every successful staging project. Our ideal clients value our hard work and contribution to their business success.
    • Every realtor handles their business differently. Some prefer that we contact their clients directly and some don’t. Some want us to use neutral colors in their staged homes while some choose orange as an accent color. Our ideal client communicates expectations clearly. The ability to express what they want and need is a key characteristic of our ideal client.
    • Our ideal client understands that we have other clients as well and they allow us a reasonable amount of time for their projects. With real estate, sometimes this is not an option and we also understand these unusual circumstances and do our best to meet the needs of our clients.
    • Our ideal clients seek an on-going relationship.  They understand and value the benefits that come from a long-term partnership. We are totally committed to keep our clients happy and satisfied. Relationships matters to us. 
    Again, every realtor and home stager runs his or her businesses differently. We have learned that we don’t need to convert everyone to our way of doing things.  Our experience has shown us that through being true to who we are, doing what we are so passionate about, having fun in what we do, and being great listeners and problem solvers, our ideal partnerships will be developed and nurtured. And the quality of our design and work ethics will keep our ideal clients seeking us out for an ongoing relationship as well. We are fortunate that we get to work with some amazing and successful realtors in Seattle. They have all become more than just clients… they are our friends.




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