Cedar Park Neighborhood Contemporary Home Sitting On The Hill

Cedar Park house staged with the views of the lake

Cedar Park is one of those lush and quaint neighborhoods in Seattle, WA that everyone loves. This particular house in Cedar Park sits on the top of the hill overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascade mountains.  As you can see, this house is nestled among trees on the hill top. This means views of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains without ANY obstruction AND lots of privacy. Do you see ... READ MORE

Are You Selling A House OR Home? Part 2

Curb Appeal for homes for sale

In the previous blog, "Are You Selling A House OR Home? Part 1", we explored the difference between the two and why selling a home is a more successful approach than selling a house. When selling a home, you are also selling a lifestyle. Now that we have an understanding of the difference, I now want to help you stage a lifestyle in a way that enables you to meet to sales goals and perhaps even ... READ MORE

8 Furniture Arrangement Tips For Homes For Sale

Are you planning to put your house on the market? By following these 8 simple furniture arrangement tips, you'll be able to showcase every room in your house in the best possible way.  1. Define the purpose of each room.  The purpose or function of a room should be clearly evident and the furnishings and their arrangement should support this function. 2. Open up pathways.  Allow at least 3′ for ... READ MORE