• We Are Featured in a Houzz Editorial

    Seattle Staged To Sell Seattle Home Stager Featured in Houzz Editorial Importance of Staging

    We were recently featured in a Houzz editorial on the importance of home staging!

    In Karen Egly-Thompson’s editorial, Houzz guides home sellers on the investment of home staging. Egly-Thompson shares tips and explanations so you can get the most out of your investment:

    Staged for Success: The Case for Hiring a Home Stager

    “Before listing your home, tap into the talents of a home stager. You may sell your home faster and at a bigger profit. Home staging has become an increasingly formidable force in helping people sell their homes more quickly and for more money. Its overall goal is to help prospective home buyers emotionally connect with a space, hopefully leading to an offer to buy. Home staging isn’t limited to just high-end properties. It has become a norm for homes at all price points. While staging may seem like an additional hassle and expense, the investment can pay off. Here’s a guide to home staging, including the benefits, process and reasons to stage your home if you’re considering a move…”
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  • Cedar Park Neighborhood Contemporary Home Sitting On The Hill

    Cedar Park is one of those lush and quaint neighborhoods in Seattle, WA that everyone loves. This particular house in Cedar Park sits on the top of the hill overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascade mountains. 

    As you can see, this house is nestled among trees on the hill top. This means views of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains without ANY obstruction AND lots of privacy. Do you see these big windows? This translates into natural LIGHT and lots of it.  The large deck off the kitchen is a wonderful outdoor space for dining and entertaining. 

    Cedar Park house staged with the views of the lake
    This is what I mean about living in a lush neighborhood on top of the hill.

    Now look at the windows from the inside. The vaulted ceiling and the super large windows capture the amazing views from this home. In addition this allows the inside of the house to have a relationship with the outside and this creates a larger setting. 

    When we saw this house for the first time, we knew that our staging needs to be minimal, since the views were the main focal point of the house and we didn’t want anything to distract from that. 

    Cedar Park house for sale staged by seattle staged to sell
    Vaulted ceilings and giant windows bring in lots of natural light into this home.

    Another wonderful feature of this Cedar Park house were the two fireplaces. It is lucky for most home owners to just have one fireplace, but two fireplaces is just a very special treat. I could easily imagine myself sitting by the fire, enjoying the beautiful view, and sipping on my tea. Since Seattle has a milder temperature, this means that new home owners could do just this about 9 months out of the year. 

    Cedar Park House staged by Seattle Staged To Sell
    This house offers two fireplaces, one on each floor.

    Can you see the amazing views from this kitchen? The panoramic views makes washing dishes in this kitchen a pleasure and not a chore. This on its own is priceless. Unique features like this is what makes Cedar Park neighborhood homes so popular. 

    Staged Cedar Park House
    Views of the kitchen

    Who wouldn’t like to wake up every morning with the eastern light? This turns every day into a great day. It is easy to stay in the bed on Sundays with the newspaper and a cup of coffee when you have views of the mountains from your bedroom. 

    staged home in Cedar Park neighborhood of seattle
    Good Morning!

    As Seattle home stagers, we get to stage many wonderful homes in different neighborhoods. This Cedar Park home is a perfect example of this and we know that the next home owners will enjoy living in this home and entertaining their friends and families for the years and seasons to come. 

    This house is listed by Redfin and the MLS number is: 411677.

  • Are You Selling A House OR Home? Part 2

    In the previous blog, Are You Selling A House OR Home? Part 1″, we explored the difference between the two and why selling a home is a more successful approach than selling a house. When selling a home, you are also selling a lifestyle.

    Now that we have an understanding of the difference, I now want to help you stage a lifestyle in a way that enables you to meet to sales goals and perhaps even surpass them.

    Staging tips for creating a lifestyle:

    Exterior/Curb Appeal 

    A well maintained and manicured garden gives the impression that this house has been loved and cared for.

    • The garden, both front and back, should be immaculate and trimmed.
    • Avoid beauty bark and opt for dark rich brown mulch.
    • Invest in some attractive pots with seasonal flowers.
    • If you have a front porch, create an inviting seating area appropriate for your house. 
      Curb Appeal for homes for sale
      This house was painted, the steps were power washed, and the garden was tidied up. No surprise that this house was sold in two days with two offers in a tough real estate market.
    • Backyards should have matching patio table and chairs.
    • Include colorful cushions, if possible.
    • Read one of our previous blogs for more helpful tips for improving curb appeal.


    Create a beautiful and inviting transition from the street.

    • A console table with flowers, lamp, mirror or wall art as well as a carpet or runner will add interest and softness to the hallways.

    Living Room

    Most home buyers see the rooms as what they are and NOT as what they can be. Help them see how well they can entertain their friends and family in the home.

    • Select furniture in the current style or what is appropriate for the style of the home.
    • Create a flow and tie different spaces together by using a unified color scheme with accent colors in pillows, accessories, and artwork.
    • Use the right scale of furniture to create elegant conversation areas.
    • Arrange furniture to create comfortable walkways without blocking the views. Maintain access to outdoor spaces, such as a balcony, open.
    • Use sheers if the views from the windows are not ideal. You can also create a green screen by planting bamboo plants just outside the windows. This creates interest, allows light in, and keeps the buyer’s eyes focused on the inside instead of the neighbor’s neglected house.
    staged living room by seattle staged to sell
    The inside of the house got the same treatement. The carpets were shampooed, the walls were painted, and the rooms were staged and ready for the home buyers.

    Dining Room

    Again, show the buyers that they can have a dinner party for their family and friends.

    • Use a dining table that is proportionally correct for the room with matching or complimentary chairs. 
    • If your dining room table has extra leaves, take one of them out. The focal point should be the size of the room and not the size of the table. This is another reason for the importance of having a correctly sized dining table.
    • If the space allows it, add a sideboard or buffet with lighting and a center piece.


    Create a spa statement vs. a honeymoon suit.

    • I often come across master baths with champagne bottles and glasses. AOVID this.
    • Home buyers will pay to buy homes where the bathrooms offer a spa feel where they can envision themselves relaxing and being pampered.
    • Use orchids, plush and fluffy towels, some shells and star fish and an assortment of sponges to emphasize the upscale amenities. 
      Staged bathroom for house for sale in seattle
      Clean and tidy bathrooms are a must for any home for sale.
    • Leave the champagne bottles and glasses for the Las Vegas honeymoon suites.


    Bedrooms should be showcased as comfortable sanctuaries where home buyers can see themselves resting at the end of the day.

    • Use attractive bedding with lovely and soft textures. An elegantly dressed bed will speak volumes about the lifestyle of the home to the home buyers.
    • Headboards with matching or complimentary side tables and matching lamps are essential. Make sure the bedside lamps are proportional to the side tables.
    • If there is space for an accent chair or the room has a lounge area, make sure to showcase it by adding a comfy chair or chaise. 

    By following these steps, you will be successful in staging the lifestyle for your home and this will set you apart from your competition. And as I stated in the previous blog, this is when the SOLD sign goes up.

  • 8 Furniture Arrangement Tips For Homes For Sale

    Are you planning to put your house on the market? By following these 8 simple furniture arrangement tips, you’ll be able to showcase every room in your house in the best possible way. 

    1. Define the purpose of each room.  The purpose or function of a room should be clearly evident and the furnishings and their arrangement should support this function.

    2. Open up pathways.  Allow at least 3′ for comfortable passage.

    3. Edit the number of furniture pieces in a room.  Remember that home buyers are buying space, not furnishings.

    4. Place furniture groupings around a focal point a room.  Placing your sofa opposite the focal point will set the rooms anchor; everything else will revolve around that.

    Staged Contemprary Wallingford Townhouse in Seattle
    By floating the furniture, this living room looks more open and inviting, while showcasing the fireplace.

    5. Use furniture placement to guide the eye and support and strengthen architectural features and focal points.

    6. Use furniture that is in proper scale with the room and also well proportioned with the other pieces in the room.

    7. Do not block a great view with furnishings.

    Staged Matthew's Beach Mid Centry Water Front Home in Seattle
    This furniture arrangement directs the eyes to both beautiful features of this space: the views of the water and the fireplace.

    8. Pull furniture away from the walls. Contrary to popular belief, pulling furniture away from the walls often makes a room look larger rather than smaller.

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