Decorating Your Home With Black

right? Well, that is not necessarily the case. Black can make your home look very chic and sophisticated if you use it correctly. So what are the best ways to incorporate black into your home? Read our top 3 tips to help get you started decorating your home with black.

3 Tips on Decorating Your Home With Black

decorating with black feature wall

1) Opt for a black feature wall

Adding a feature wall to your home is a great way to make a statement but also prevent the color from overwhelming your room. It’s especially important to break things up when decorating your home with black as it’s the darkest color choice out there. When you opt for a black feature wall use lighter color artwork and furniture to help balance out the room.

black feature walls

This stage in the View Ridge neighborhood had several black feature walls in different rooms of the contemporary house. In the living room (seen in both photos above) we commissioned a local artist we work with to paint a large canvas with a white background to lighten the room while still keeping the deep contrast of the black wall. We asked the artist to incorporate blue into the painting so it would tie in the whole room with our accessories. In the dining room (see below) we brought it greens and golds through the accessories on the shelves as they look beautiful against the black and add further interest.

staged contemporary style dining room

decorating with black dining room




decorating your home with black and white

2) Go for a white base then add black

There is a reason why black and white is such a strong classic. Whether you’re putting an outfit together or decorating your home, black and white always work so well together. It’s literally the yin to the yang, two halves that complete wholeness. So it’s hard to go wrong with this option. If you are someone who doesn’t want to delve off of the deep end, this option will work best. Here, you can have your home mostly white and then add black accent pieces.

In this luxury Kirkland home, we brought in white sofas, barstools, artwork, and area rugs so the black chairs really stood out. The black paired lovely with the reddish hues of the wood tones, the only other main color we used in the space. We commissioned the same local artist to create custom pieces for this home as well so the earth tones on the wall art matched perfectly with our furniture. With white as the base color, the rooms still looked bright and airy but anchored by the black accents. The finished results were definitely not dark nor depressing.

decorating your home with black and white



decorating your home with black and white

3) Be unique and select black trimming for your home

This third tip can be considered as an offshoot of tip #2 using a white base and adding black. However, our third tip is to use black for your home’s window trimmings. This look is so simple yet so sophisticated; we think it is such a great way to make your home unique. This craftsman-style Roosevelt home looked so contemporary even though the home dates from the 1920s. The black window trims created a modern atmosphere which we used to create an urban chic design. This simple technique helped modernize the older house enough to attract younger buyers who weren’t looking for a traditional home.

decorating your home with black

staged seating nook in craftsman home

staged dining room in craftsman home


So there are our 3 top tips for decorating your home with black, based on our staging designs. If you live in the Greater Seattle Area and need help with your interior design needs, please call us at (206) 334-0366 or email us at and tell us about your project.


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