Tour of Tiny Aurora Studio Condo—Staging Spotlight

This week’s staging spotlight is about this compact yet charming condo near Aurora. In our recent posts, we’ve been showing you a lot of high-end homes. This is because many of our projects so far in 2018 have been on the larger scale. However, as a boutique staging company, we make sure to put the same energy and effort into our custom designs for every project no matter the size. For this Aurora studio condo, we used the unique features of the home to inspire our design.

Making This Tiny Aurora Studio Condo Appear More Spacious

The first thing we did to this Aurora studio condo was to advise the sellers paint the walls white. Originally, the studio had a very dark color painted on the walls that made it look even smaller. This condo was only 350 square feet so every design trick in the book had to be used to make this tiny studio appear more spacious. Simply lightening the walls really opened up the space.

Living area and kitchen in Aurora Condo

Our Inspiration

The burnt orange and brown Marmoleum floor tiles in the kitchen inspired us to bring in the bold orange hue into the rest of the condo. This warmed up the space, brightened things even further, and created a cheerful atmosphere that buyers would appreciate. Instead of focusing on how small the studio was, buyers could focus on how inviting it now looked. This studio went from cramped to cozy—a big difference of perception of the same small space.

Staged living space of aurora studio condo

staged living spaced of aurora studio condo

staged kitchen of aurora studio condo


For the kitchen, we decided to use a console table to create an eating nook. That way we optimized on space and kept the room as open as possible.  It showed buyers how they could have a place to eat without a table taking over. We then added a fun painting to liven things up.



Staged bedroom in Aurora studio


For the bedroom, we kept things simple yet hip by adding grey striped bedding. We then continued the orange accents through the curtains and a cushion to keep the design cohesive.



orange chair patio seating in aurora studio condo


Staging is all about creating a lifestyle for the target buyers that they want to have. Even though this studio was so small, we wanted to create the same sort of appeal as we do for our larger higher end homes. In fact, the small size of the condo made this even more crucial to attract offers. Even buyers with small budgets want to feel like their new space has glamour and luxury. By creating this simple seating area in the small back patio not only did we add functional space to the tiny studio but also gave the prospective buyers a lifestyle they wanted to have. Gone were the thoughts of whether or not there is enough space. Instead buyers could imagine themselves having lemonade outside while enjoying the warm summer weather. We chose these hip orange chairs to continue the color scheme and to make this space look extra peppy and desirable. We chose a white midcentury tulip table to tie everything together and make this seating area look extra trendy. STAGED & SOLD for $85k more than asking price and as the highest price unit per square feet in the complex.


When hiring us to stage your home it is important to know about our dedication to our projects no matter the price or the size. The small details matter to us as a boutique-style staging company, and we will work to create a design that best presents your home to the targeted buyers. To book your stage call us at (206) 334-0266.

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