• Energizing This 70’s Madison Pk Condo

     We recently were asked to stage a 70’s condo on Madison Park Ave East, which has not been updated either from the inside or from outside. This downside was compacted with the fact that this condo was on a busy street.

    Our Solution? COLORS! We energized this condo with bright and cheerful colors. By adding different shades of orange to play off with all of the existing brown and beige colors, we added visual interest. 

    Staging living room seattle
    A bit of color enegized this Madison Park condo

    The smaller bedroom was turned into a home office with a daybed. The orange colors were repeated in this room as well.

    Staged home office

    We selected this dining table since the legs were in and this visually opened up the space. Showcasing a bigger dining table was important for this condo.

    Madison Park Staged Dining Room

    To create an inviting bathroom, all we needed was a bit of color.

    Staging bathrooms condos

    Home staging transformed this condo before it went on the market. It was SOLD with multiple offers in just few days for more than asking price. 

    If you have a tight budget and need to freshen up your home whether you are selling or staying out, COLOR is your best friend. Whether it is paint on the walls or accessories, color energizes.



  • This Realtor Should’ve Sought A Professional Home Stager’s Advice

    While back, I was viewing a house with a friend who was interested in finding a home in the range of $1.5 that offered stunning views of Puget Sound. Her agent called to let her know that he had found a property that seemed to possess all the features that my friend desired and the three of us me to view the house together.

    The exterior of the house and the gardens were absolutely beautiful and the neighborhood was to die for!  However, upon entering, our eyes were immediately drawn to numerous pictures displayed throughout the house. The photographs were of the home seller during her pregnancy. My friend, the potential buyer, right away became preoccupied with the pictures instead of being focused on the house.

    seattle home stagers
    Personal photos are distractions when you are selling your home.

    house stagers seattle
    Stunning views of Puget Sound


    As a home stager, one of the first things I tell my clients is to depersonalize their homes. I suggest that they pack up their personal pictures so that prospective buyers can more easily imagine themselves in the home. As I observed my friend’s reaction while she looked over the pregnancy photos, I became acutely aware of what a huge distraction they were and how they prevented my friend from seeing herself in the house. 




    I couldn’t help but wonder why the agent had not advised her client to do things like remove the photographs and store the toys in the child’s bedroom rather than in the living room next to the gorgeous Italian sofa. Why hadn’t there been more attention to creating the lifestyle for the potential home buyers? Did the agent perhaps feel uncomfortable and a bit fearful about offending her client? Or was he just uninformed when it came to home staging, or perhaps, too busy?

    If this agent had brought in a home stager for an initial consultation, I have no doubts that the pictures would have come down and been replaced with some beautiful, yet generic, wall art. I am also certain that the home stager would have helped to create practical strategies for the home upkeep so that the home sellers could keep their home show ready for those times when they only have moments to prepare.

    A $250 consultation fee (most are about $150-$250) is much less than a $17,000 price reduction and far less painful! I am confident that with the help of a home stager, this home would have been remembered for its amazing views rather than its pictures. The “pregnant lady picture house” never made it to the 2nd viewing list. As beautiful as the house was, my friend did not make an emotional connection with it. Would her experience have been different if it had been staged more effectively? Unfortunately, that is something we will never know.

    To avoid stories like this, team up with trusted and experienced home stagers and let THEM do the talking. With their advise, your listings will be market ready from the first day and you will get that SOLD sign up. 

  • Keep Oil And Vinegar For Your Salad And Not Your Hardwood Floors

    This blog was inspired by an expreince that I had few months back. A home owner called and asked me to view his house, that has been rented for the past three years and now he was ready to put it on the market and wanted me to stage it. Upon our arrival, we discovered destroyed hard wood floors. Throughout these past three years, the tenant had used  a mixture of water and vinegar to clean these floors and then later on, she used a gallon of olive oil in the hopes of recapturing the original finished look.

    PROTECT your hardwood floors. It’s easy and inexpensive.

    Wood flooring means $$$ when it comes to selling your home, especially when they’re in great condition. By taking few simple steps, you can keep your hardwood floors in excellent condition. Not only will you enjoy your well maintained floors while you’re living in your home, but also , you won’t have to go through big repair expenses or replace your floors.

    However, as easy as it is to maintain the wood floors often times, when I view homes for staging, I come across wood floors that have been scratched and scuffed. This sort of damage can be easily prevented. Here are some simple and inexpensive tips:

    • Use felt pads on the bottom of your furniture legs. This not only protects your wood floors, it also makes it easier to move the furniture around for easy cleaning. NEVER drag large pieces of furniture across your wood floor without this kind of protection. You can find felt pads at any home improvement store. A low cost prevention.
    • First sweep or vacuum the wood floors to remove the dust or any abrasive residues before cleaning. Otherwise, the dirt could act as sandpaper, and that’s the last thing that you want.
    • Use the right products made especially for wood floors. I say, “it’s all about preventing vs. repairing.” We always recommend Bona products. 
    • Unlike what you’ve heard before, cleaning products should NEVER EVER include oil based cleansers or vinegar. Oil and vinegar is for your tossed salad, and not for your beautiful wood floors. I use Bona products and I love it.

     Oil and vinegar is for salad and NOT for your hardwood floors!

    • Spray the product only onto a terry cloth wood floor mop. Don’t wet- mop the floor. Water residue can leak down between the boards and cause the finish to lift. Not good. Just remember, that liquid and wood floors don’t mix well.
    • Trim your pet’s claws regularly.
    • Take off your high-heel shoes.
    • Always use a clean mop.
    • Every two years, you can hire a professional company to deep clean, buff, and reseal your wood floors.

    It’s all about preventing.

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