Staging Teen Rooms

Let’s talk about staging teen rooms. A bedroom is a sacred room for a teen; a stereotypical teenager usually spends most of their time away from family and in their room. Therefore, creating a space that appeals to teen and tween buyers is crucial.

Staging rooms for teenagers is a little bit trickier than kids rooms. Why you ask? It’s because teens are older with stronger opinions about what they like and dislike. Parents usually have the heavier hand in decorating kids’ rooms, but teens are old enough to decorate how they choose. Because most of their time will likely be in their rooms, a staged teen room is the most important in the house to win their favor. Because they are older, their vote is going to have more sway over the parents in deciding which home to buy.

One crucial thing to remember about teens is that they are going through a major transition. Their bodies are changing, their tastes and interests are evolving, and so should their rooms. Most likely the teen’s room hasn’t grown up with them in their previous home. And with a new house and new room, comes new possibilities. Staging a teen room should show the soon-to-be-adults a sophisticated, yet youthful, safe haven from all of the stress that teenagers have to deal with while discovering their new identity.

An important feature for teen rooms is a place to do homework. As kids get older, they get more and more homework in school. When they’re not doing homework, chances are they will be spending their free time at home on their computers. Teens want to know that their new room will have enough space for a desk. Remember, staging is all about suggesting a lifestyle, and homework plays a big role in a teen’s life.

If the bedrooms in your house are on the smaller side, try creating a study nook nearby in the house. That way the teen room won’t feel cramped and you still get to show off the teen lifestyle in your home.

Some Examples of Our Staged Teen Rooms


As with any staged room, the key to staging teen rooms is demonstrating a certain lifestyle targeting a certain group of buyers.  For teens, creating a balance between youthful playfulness and a mature sophistication they can grow into is a must. Once accomplished, the opinion of the teen buyers who feel a connection might sway the family’s final decision in your home’s favor.

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