• Staging Small Spaces

    staging small spaces

    Home staging is crucial to selling small spaces. This is because people have a harder time visualizing how to decorate them. We recently had the pleasure of staging a 383 sq. ft. studio condo in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Despite the studio’s small size, the interest for this little home was big.

    We designed this tiny studio to make it feel larger than it actually was. It is important to note that staging small spaces requires the same amount of effort as large homes and perhaps even more creativity. As a boutique-style company, we pay the same attention to detail for studios as when we stage luxury mansions. Here are the top three things we did to make the studio appear more spacious.

    staging small spaces

    1) Defined Separate Areas

    When selling your home, you need to present your home in a way that buyers understand it. If you show them a vacant studio they’re going to have trouble visualizing where to put all of their things. You want to wow your targeted buyers not confuse them during your open house.

    Therefore, the first thing you need to do when decorating small spaces is to define different areas. This is essential if the floor plan is open because you don’t have separate rooms to define them for you. If you have a studio apartment where everything is in close proximity to each other, this can be a bit tricky. However, we defined a living space, a sleeping space, a workspace, and an eating space all in the same room.

    staging small spaces

    For this one-room studio, we created two different spaces along the same wall. We used wall art and the bed’s headboard to define each space. As soon as the prospective buyers walked in, they could see two distinct areas: a living area and a sleeping area. Immediately, we clued them in on how to decorate the home if they bought it. Underneath the wall art, we placed an area rug for further definition and to anchor the living space.

    staging small spaces

    2) Created Functional Spaces

    When working with small spaces, it’s important to make every square foot count. Therefore creating functional spaces is key. In our design, we made the most of the space and used the wall alcoves to create an office area and a breakfast bar. By adding these two important capacities, the home value went up. This is because we showed buyers that they didn’t have to give up their lifestyle just because they were short on square footage. It also helped ease up floor space to prevent the studio from feeling cramped. Furthermore, we placed an ottoman in the smaller alcove to create a corner that people could sit as they put on and took off their shoes. This ensured that no space was wasted.

    staging small spaces

    3) Used Lighter Colors

    We had the walls painted white in this studio and used neutral-colored base furniture to keep the studio bright and airy. We brought in color to the home through artwork and other accessories to warm the room up. Choosing lighter colors helped blend the base furniture into the walls giving the illusion of more space. Plus, it made the colorful accessories pop, creating a fun atmosphere perfect for our young professional targeted buyers.

    staging small spaces

    Decorating Small Spaces

    The reason why people have trouble decorating small spaces is that the size is more limiting. Adding furniture can quickly cramp up the room. In this tiny studio, we defined multiple areas, created functional spaces and used lighter colors. By doing so, we made the studio feel bigger and created a lifestyle in the home. The studio got multiple offers and the buyer asked to purchase all of our furniture so they could live in the studio as staged. The investment of home staging definitely paid off for the sellers of this studio.

    If you are in the Greater Seattle area and are looking for a home stager or an interior designer please call us at (206) 334-0266 to arrange a viewing of your home.

    staging small spaces


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