3 Undeniable Ways that Staging Your House Helps It Sell

Determining how to make your house ‘market ready’ before selling it is challenging. There’s a ton of noise within the real estate space about what steps you should (or shouldn’t) take to ultimately attract enough buyers and sell your home. Amongst a plethora of different options that homeowners have, one has stood the test of time and is proven effective in helping your property sell. Staging your house undeniably helps generate more interested buyers and encourages more offers from them. If you thought that staging was simply switching out old lampshades for new ones, you’ll want to continue reading.

Here are 3 undeniable ways that staging your house helps attract the right types of homebuyers that will ultimately purchase your property:

Craftsman Home living room staging design

1.    Staging Your House Paints the Picture for Homebuyers

When a homebuyer walks into a property that’s up for sale, they often question whether they can picture themselves living there. During a quick walkthrough at an open house, there are countless things to take in. Realistically, there isn’t much time for a homebuyer to take a minute and truly envision what it would be like to live in your property. A properly staged home should capture the attention of homebuyers and paint the picture of what it’d be like to live there. Many buyers – of all industries – purchase off emotions. The goal of a staging company is to create a special spark that captures the imagination of a potential buyer, enabling them to envision experiencing their future life in the house. Home staging sells not just a house, but a desired lifestyle.

Staging is an art form that shouldn’t be taken lightly! A professional homebuyer, Brotherly Love Real Estate, claimed that intentional staging efforts can help you sell a house fast regardless of the demand within a city. “Staging efforts can be seen from miles away, and it starts from buyers’ phones. They start browsing places online and flip through photos quickly. Even if there isn’t a huge demand for houses in your area, buyers from outside the area will see the nice photos with proper staging and become interested. We stage all homes that we sell on the market in San Diego” said Alex from Brotherly Love Real Estate.

2.  Staging Your House Removes Clutter and Adds a Shine

When sellers are on the fence about staging their home, they oftentimes forget about this monstrous benefit. As you prepare to have your home staged, you typically must remove the following:

  • General clutter
  • Piles of personal items
  • Trash
  • Other random household items

Staging your house forces you to tackle these issues that could potentially dissuade buyers from making you offers. Even small piles of clutter can turn buyers off from a home. Especially if other houses in the area offer a more pristine and clean look, you’ll need to at least match that in order to compete. Homeowners  are oftentimes unaware of certain parts of their homes that could be cleaned and staged. For example, if you have a semi-finished basement, clean it and consider adding certain staging elements to the room. Basements can suffer from critter infestations that homeowners are unaware of, such as mice, which could prevent the house from selling. It’s important to address all major rooms within a house when preparing the home for staging, and ultimately, for the market.

home gym

laundry room with table

3.    Staging Makes Homes Appear Larger

Unless it’s your profession, it’s difficult to fully maximize spaces within your home for both practicality and beauty. Professional staging companies specialize in turning normal room layouts into masterpieces, which appeal to more buyers. If you want to sell your house in a short timeframe, staging can eliminate issues like unutilized space that can stymie interest from buyers. Remember, you are selling your home’s potential so it’s important to get creative and show off the possibilities. Consult with a staging company to determine the type of furniture and design each portion of your house demands. They will maximize the space within each room, making them appear larger, while still appealing to the majority of buyers’ tastes.

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