Sleepless In Seattle No More – Staging A Floating Home on Lake Union

Staging a Floating home was a blast!

Living on a Floating Home is synonymous with the Seattle life style. Thanks to the block buster movie, Sleepless In Seattle, many people around the world have also seen one. Another reason why living in a floating homes on Lake Union are so popular and special is because they are located in the heart of Seattle. 

Living in a floating home has its own life style. Neighbors are very friendly, and there is a strong community around the lake. Most floating home owners are people who strive for a relaxed life, want to have an active relationship with nature, are sophisticated in a quiet way, or are either artistic or a bit Bohemian. The small gardens, patios and roof tops are planted with a bold sense of character.  

Staging a Floating Home - Union Lake

This floating home was listed at $1,495,000 by Rick Miner of CBBain. For our design, we wanted to showcase the unique boathouse life style.  This meant a casual style that was both sophisticated and serene. We took the colors of the lake as our inspiration and incorporated the greens, teals, and blues in our design. This created a relationship between the house and the lake. We brought in the nautical touch without turning this house into a theme park.

Home Staging projects like this one are the reason why we are happy Seattle home stagers. We enjoyed being in this floating house on a sunny day to stage it. The buyers of this home are going to be sleepless in Seattle no more. With nature surrounding the area giving a serene environment, this home is a true sanctuary in the heart of Seattle.



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