Ready for Market 2016

Each year we have a multitude of people asking us what the real benefits to staging are. It’s a reasonable question! Staging is an investment, and it’s never wise to jump into investments without doing your research first. The fact is that staging is the number one investment you can make for your home. In a rapidly changing market, homes need an edge, one that staging provides. So, when Ready for Market 2016 approached us recently to speak with them about the benefits of staging, and to walk them and their clients through the staging process, we jumped at the chance. Selling your home can be such a daunting process, especially in a market that has seen such polarizing changes with the rise of social media, the internet, and real estate apps. But it doesn’t have to be an intimidating process! There are amazing resources out there just waiting to help homeowners wrap their heads around what the first steps to selling their home should be. Ready for Market is a great example of a jumping off point in learning more about real estate. 

Julie from Ready for Market was an absolute blast to speak with.  She has gotten a group of real estate, staging, organizing, inspection, and feng shui experts together to discuss their fields to help get home owners ready to sell their homes. Ready for Market provides a great (FREE!) series to listen to that will help walk you through the process of selling and organizing your home.

Through Shirin’s interview, learn more about our process of staging, the pros of choosing a stager, and what to look for when choosing your stager. Selling a home can be an extremely stressful, and emotional time for homeowners. To combat this, gathering a great team of real estate experts will make all the difference. Listen in at: to learn more!


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