Interior Design Trends for Fall 2021

It’s a brand new season, and with the change in weather, comes a change in interior design trends. Naturally, people seek to make their homes warmer and cozier. That means that fall 2021 brings a lot of rustic elements, autumnal shades, and some influences brought on by the pandemic. 

Indoor-outdoor design has become very popular in both summer and fall design, and we’re also seeing some return to space separation, after years of open plans. Is this the start of a long-term change? Only time will tell. 

Indoor-outdoor living

Indoor-outdoor living is one of the major trends we’ve been seeing in 2020 and 2021, especially in warmer climates. Outdoor kitchens were huge in the summer, and the fall is continuing that trend. 

If you live in a warm climate, you can still make that outdoor kitchen work for you in the fall. Just make sure the space is covered, to protect from the elements. Add some space heaters, and some blankets for your guests and you can make this space just as toasty in the fall as it is in the dead of summer. 

If you live in a colder climate, then it may be worth investing in a fireplace. This can become the focus of the space and somewhere your family and guests can gather. Especially as we’re moving into the peak season for the flu, an outdoor living room can be a space you get a lot of use out of. 


Rustic decor

Speaking of the outdoors, you can bring the outdoors inside through natural, rustic decor. Natural elements are easy to introduce, it’s all a matter of choosing the right materials and fabrics. 

Wood is always an excellent choice. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, you can choose lighter wood or a darker stain. Sometimes, the wood grain itself can be the star of the show and can add a lot of that natural texture you’re looking for. 

Otherwise, elements like burlap, pinecones, dried leaves, and plants can do a lot for your space to bring nature in. They can add a bit of life to an otherwise dark, stale room. 

When it comes to colors, you want to take advantage of autumnal shades as much as possible. Reds, greens, browns, marigolds, pumpkin orange – any combination of these colors will create a cozy fall vibe that will warm up the space and make it feel fresh again. You can practically feel the crisp, fall air. 



Vintage is back, and it’s taking the fall trends by storm. A shiny, new home is great, but it can lack depth and personality. By bringing in some vintage pieces, you’re adding some much-needed interest and uniqueness to your space. You don’t need to source all your furniture in vintage shops, just choosing a few key pieces is enough to elevate a room from basic to “wow”. The best part is that your home won’t feel at all “trendy”, because nicely styled vintage looks are timeless and always interesting. 

Imagine a vintage wooden coffee table with a nice fall arrangement and how it can really ground a room. Oftentimes, vintage furniture tends to have a patina that can also break up the monotony of a room that’s “too perfect”. 



When you want to add visual interest to a space, but aren’t fond of mixing a lot of different colors or elements, then texture is your best friend, and coincidentally, one of the major fall trends for 2021. 

Texture is an entry-level way to elevate your space because it permits you to still stick to a limited color palette. You can gradually introduce new textures while still keeping the same colors. 

But what textures are we talking about for fall? Knit is always in fashion this time of year, and really easy to incorporate because you can always create the items yourself. A blanket or throw is the perfect cozy layer to add to a chilly living room. 

Faux fur is also easy and warm, whether you want a throw, a rug, or a couple of throw pillows. It’s guaranteed to stand out and add a little something extra to a room that feels too “flat” or monochrome. 


Space separation

Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought on an increased need for separation which has also “bled” into interior design. Open plan spaces that have been so popular and sought after for a decade are now fading away to make room for a new demand for space division. 

People are spending more time at home, and the needs their space serves have changed. With more people cooking, they want the kitchen to be separate, in order to contain smells, smoke, and splatter. There is also a need for home offices and play rooms to be separate to maximize the use of space in a home. 

As more and more people work and study from home, a home office has surpassed the status of a simple trend and has transcended into being a necessity. 


Layered, cozy bedrooms

We all want our homes to be nice and cozy for autumn-winter, and after years of minimalism, maximalism and layering is back. And there is no season more perfect for it than fall. 

The bedroom is the perfect place to dip your toes into this trend, because it’s easy to add new elements to it. You can turn your bed into the softest place in your home by adding layers. A properly made bed includes more than just a sheet, pillows and a blanket. 

Bed skirts have fallen out of style for a while, but they still have their place, particularly if you have a metal-frame bed. Don’t limit yourself to a boring comforter, choose a textured one in a contrasting color for added visual interest. 

When it comes to cushions and throw pillows, the more, the merrier! Combine complementary colors and textures to get a cozy, intricately layered effect. 


Bold kitchens

For years, the trend for kitchens has been white and bright. But while that makes for nice, luminous spaces, it can also be very flat, boring, and almost sterile. To get away from that clinical look, fall 2021 trends for kitchens dictate bold colors. 

Introducing some bright colors in an otherwise neutral, monochrome kitchen can be the change you need to make the space fun again and add some personality. Consider colorful kitchen cabinets, a statement wall, or some interesting backsplash tiles. 

The best part about this trend is that it’s attainable for everyone. There is no need to buy brand new furniture or tiles, because everything can be painted over easily and relatively cheaply. It’s a quick and easy way to breathe new life into an otherwise stale kitchen. 


Bottom line

With so many people staying at home over the past two years because of the pandemic, there has been a renewed interest in home design. So many things have changed about the way we use our homes and what our needs are. As expected, that majorly impacts home buying and home designing trends.

Increased separation between spaces has become a necessity we wouldn’t have foreseen two years ago. Open plan spaces are falling by the wayside as more and more people are requiring their kitchens – and especially their home offices – to be separate. 

Other than that, we can expect regular fall trends to come back as well. Warm color palettes, layered, textured looks, and rustic designs that echo nature and the outdoors are popular once again in 2021. Thankfully, most of these trends are easy to achieve for any home, so it doesn’t require major effort to elevate your home. 

Written by Teresa Bennett – Edited by Ashley Pasquale

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