Houzz 2013 Awards in Best Design & Customer Satisfaction Categories

We are honored to have received the Houzz 2013 awards in both categories, Best Design and Customer Satisfaction.


Houzz.com award for best design in 2013 
When I began Seattle Staged To Sell, I had one vision in mind which consisted of three goals. As crazy as it may sound, making money was not one of my goals.
What mattered to me were:
  • Our Relationships – I wanted our clients to have an unforgettable experience working with us. Having gone through some tough times and experiencing losses, I understood from the start that all circumstances are different and not all home sales are for happy reasons. I’m a firm believer that being able to empathize allowed me to connect with clients in a deeper way and this made their experience of working with us memorable. We didn’t advertise our business, our clients did that with their referrals. 
  • Our Designs – Providing unique designs for each of our homes was very important to me from the start. I have seen designs that have been repeated too many times and they have become generic. Even if it meant saving money by creating cookie cutter designs, I was not willing to do it.  Again, this might sound crazy when you are starting a new small business and every penny counts, but I felt that individual touches and listing to every home’s voice is the only approach in designing homes. Prepackaged bins might save time in the long run, but saving money was not my focus. Creating beautiful designs was. We never made our designs about furniture pieces, but rather, about creating life styles for each home. 
  • Keep Loving What We Do – What is the fun of doing anything if you don’t love and enjoy what you are doing? What makes us love what we do even more? Our relationships with our clients and coming up with more unique designs. We have been blessed working with wonderful home owners and realtors, who just give us so much positive energy. 

This is why when we received this award, the 2013 Best Of Houzz, it made us jump for joy. After being in business for eight years and looking back, we realize that our little successes have been because of our vision and not compromising. This award is another validation of our vision and this is why we feel so proud and yet also, so humbled.

the best of 2013 houzz award

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