• Are you selling a house OR a home? There is a slight difference! Part 1

    Before putting your house on the market, you should be thinking about WHAT you are actually trying to sell or even more importantly, what you should be trying to sell. Are you selling a house OR a home? There is a slight, but important difference!

    After years of being a home stager and working with countless realtors and home sellers, I have come to know that home sellers and agents usually fall into two different groups. One group tries to sell houses and the other group tries to sell homes and the latter group, in my opinion,Tips on selling your house by seattle staged to sellis more successful in reaching their sales goals. Why? Because selling homes is more than just s selling a house. Selling homes also means selling the life style of the house. This is where the emotional connections happens. 

    Most home buyers in today’s market are savvy and have already have done their homework.  This might include researching different properties, comparing the basic details of the homes, and of course, viewing photos online (a big reason to stage the homes and have them professionally photographed). Also, they might even have driven by your house couple of times before deciding to actually come in to see the home for themselves.  This is why as home stagers we place so much emphasis on the importance of curb appeal and helping our clients get this part of their home presentation just right.

    selling your homes successfully by seattle staged to sell

    Selling a house is selling the physical aspects of the house like: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen floor plan. But selling a home is selling the emotional aspects of a house. It means helping the potential home buyer to understand and feel how they can live in the house that you are selling. 

    If you want to be successful in selling your property, put yourself in the second category and do your best to sell a home rather than just a house.  Once the home buyers get inside, you want to wow them and have them pay attention to all that is wonderful about your home.  You want them to be able to envision themselves living the good life there. When you stage and present your property as a home for living, you are selling not only a house but a lifestyle. This is when the SOLD sign goes up.




  • This Seattle Home For Sale On Capitol Hill Was Staged For A Professional Couple

    We had so much fun staging this house for Michael Ackerman from CBBain.  When it comes to staging, we like to save as much money as possible for the home sellers and this house was a perfect example of this.

    The homeowner had moved to the east coast and wanted to sell her house and purchase a home in her new city.  Since the home seller lived in another state, we managed all of the projects. Some floors were refinished, some walls were painted, and our team members loaded up the truck several times to take the extra pieces of furniture into the three storage units that were rented for this purpose. We brought in the missing items, redesigned and staged the entire house. We showcased the beautiful windows and the views of Capitol Hill.

    For sale home on Capitol Hill Seattle WA
    This Colonial home on Capitol Hill was grand and we staged it elegantly targeting a professional couple.

    Since this home didn’t have a proper family room, we turned this spacious basement, which was used as a catchall space into a media room. By defining this space as a media room and suggesting a function for home buyers we turned this forgotten space into a room with huge possibilities. When you are selling homes, you are selling square footage. Therefore all home sellers should and must showcase all of these “forgotten places” like the basements, mud rooms as well as laundry rooms. 

    Even though this part of Capitol Hill is more of a family neighborhood, this house was not very suitable for families with small children. We decided to target the staging toward young professional couples or couples with a teenager. This house ended up being sold within just a few weeks to a young professional couple.

    Our philosophy at Seattle Staged To Sell is to stage homes for a specific demographic.  Some homes must be staged for families with small children while others need to be staged toward a professional couple or a single person. This laser targetting approach has been proven successful. This Colonial Capitol Hill home is a successful example of this approach.



  • SOLD… please move the staging to the next unit!

    We recently were asked to stage a beautiful modern townhouse on Capitol Hill and immediately realized that we needed to create a modern, sophisticated and hip design because we had identified our targeted audience for this home to be professional adults.

    Our clients loved the results and the home sold in ten days to a professional single man — the exact buyer that we had identified and staged this Capitol Hill townhouse for. 

    Townhouses for sale in Seattle
    Capitol Hill Townhouse Staged and SOLD to the targeted buyer.

    Within days of this sale, I was contacted by another realtor interested in having us stage a townhouse next to this one.  He asked if we could take the furniture and accessories from the SOLD townhouse to his property. We were quite happy to accommodate his request.

    As experienced and professional home stagers, we put tremendous thought behind every design. At Seattle Staged To Sell, our goal for each staging project is to create a design suitable for the right audience. This is KEY.  Another important element is to create a flow. We introduced different shades of green throughout this house that created the trendy feel that flowed from room to room.

    In this type of situation where an agent calls and says “loved your work, want the exact same thing for my listing”, it is a tremendous compliment for us. This agent understood what and why we did what we did and wanted the same successful results for his listing. Stories like these are some of the reasons that we love doing what we do: staging Seattle homes. 

    Pictures by HD Estates. 


  • This Ravenna Tutor House Got 2 Offers & Was Sold In 4 Days

    ravenna house in seattle wa for sale

    The home sellers of this beautiful Ravenna home were moving to San Francisco and they asked us to help them stage their home for the market. These motivated home sellers were excited about the new chapeter of their lives and wanted to move on.

    • The house got a new coat of paint inside and out
    • The carpets were cleaned professionally
    • The garden got a new makeover with the help of newly laid sod, seasonal flowers and mulch
    • Necessary repairs in the kitchen were completed
    • Added two new shelves above the stove to create a function for an otherwise “dead space”
    • The entire house, including the windows, was professionally cleaned
    We introduced some orange and red accent colors for the entire house to create a cohesive and inviting look.
    ravenna house in seattle wa for sale
    This Ravenna house got two offers and was SOLD in four days!

    When the home sellers walked into their house after being staged, this is what they said:  “We absolutely LOVE what you have done with our home. We just wish you could have come in and staged it when we were living here since you made much better use of the space!”  And this is why we love what we do!

    You can review our Testimonial Page.

    Here is the video of the house by HD Estates:



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