Shabby Chic Beach House Home Staging


We recently staged a newly remodeled home in West Seattle for clients who were interested in creating a very specific look and feel, casual shabby chic beach style,  for this home staging project.  With the help of the agents, we identified  that their targeted buyer would likely be a young, first-time homeowner.  This property required a significant remodel and we created a design plan that would ... READ MORE

Staging Seattle Condos for Targeted Buyers

Who lives in downtown Seattle anyway? After staging a ton of downtown Seattle condos, we have learned that the people who live in this area fall into three different groups: Young professionals who work downtown or nearby and love being where the action is. This demographic usually purchases studios or one or two bedroom condos on the lower end price range. Professional couples or ... READ MORE

Staged & SOLD! A Queen Condo on Taylor Ave N

Queen Anne Condo

This Queen Anne Condo on Taylor Ave was Staged & SOLD for more than the asking price with multiple offers in just days. Staging Queen Anne neighborhood homes are always a blast for us at Seattle Staged To Sell. This Queen Anne condo was no exception. Located on Taylor Ave N, this condo provided incredible views of Lake Union, included large living spaces, and was located in close proximity to ... READ MORE

Staging a Mercer Island Mid Century Home for Sale

Mercer Island Staged Home mid century

Mercer Island is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Greater Seattle. It is known for its excellent public schools, lush surroundings, and the view of Lake Washington. Many people like to buy homes in Mercer Island because of these qualities. We didn't know what kind of house we would find when were asked to see this Mid Century home in Mercer Island. But as soon as the doors opened and ... READ MORE

Room By Room Simple Steps To Creating An Organized Home

Just the word itself, organization, can be nerved racking for many people. The task of organizing a home or any space in general can be overwhelming for the beginners. But by breaking down the tasks into smaller chucks, most people can organize their homes and keep it that way. Below are room by room simple steps to creating an organized home. Defining every space for every task will help you and ... READ MORE

A Staged Seattle Home in a Queen Anne Neighborhood SOLD in 4 Hours!


One of the things that makes Seattle such a fascinating city is the presence of so many unique and charming neighborhoods.  Queen Anne is one of those, sitting beautifully on top of a hill and filled with distinctive and interesting homes. When we receive calls to stage Queen Anne homes, we get super excited.  Last month, I received a call from a new agent from RE/MAX Realty. She told me that in ... READ MORE

Yellow & Green Colors For The Staging Design Of A Modern Green Lake House

Modern Green Lake Staged House

Our home staging design, brought the soothing and tranquil colors of green and yellow to this Green Lake Modern house. We wanted our design to be simple, neutral and with some pop of colors. The white walls, enormous windows, the light bamboo floors, and the clean lines of the actual house, gave us a great background for gray and light green color combination. For some homes, especially ... READ MORE

Staging A New Queen Anne Modern Construction

Queen Anne Neighborhood Modern Home

 As  A Seattle Home Staging company, we love to work with our builder clients to stage their buildings. This Queen Anne Modern New Construction, one of our latest staging projects,  at 1313 4th Ave West, stood out in a grand way.   The combination of beautiful simple lines, sophisticated finishes, and thoughtful floor plan made this  building an outstanding house for the prospect buyers.  We ... READ MORE

Bellevue New Construction Home Staging

Bellevue New Construction Home Staging

Before I share how home staging produced fantastic results for this particular Bellevue new construction, I like to share with you some of my own experience being in this business. After having a home staging business in the Greater Seattle Area for years, I have come across all kinds of comments about staging from both the believers and nonbelievers.  For example: Home staging didn't  make a ... READ MORE

Staging A Seattle House With Old Charm

Green Lake Staged living Room

The Green Lake neighborhood is known for its charming houses. This particular house had great bones to it and we just wanted to update and prepare it for sale.  Our solution:  painting the walls in a beautiful neutral warm color. We selected Camouflage paint by Benjamin Moore. The second step was to select furniture pieces that were more modern. After updating the house with paint and preparing ... READ MORE