Is Your Decorating Style Transitional?

Traditional style

What is a Transitional decorating style? Basically, a transitional style is the "New Traditional" where the classic style has been updated. Most likely, you have come across it if you have stepped into a Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn store. Or perhaps you've seen it if you have thumbed through a Ballard Design catalogue or glanced at a Traditional Home magazine.  A Transitional ... READ MORE

As Professional Home Stagers, We DO Walk the Walk & We De-Clutter

Walking the walk

Recently, we left our SODO warehouse and moved into a different space. Our new warehouse is much larger, has an office and is much more accessible from all of the freeways. It would would have been much easier for us to pack everything and just move it all into our new warehouse since the additional space was more than enough to accommodate it all. But as professional home stagers, we do walk the ... READ MORE

Realtors Who Stage Their Own Listings Might Not Be Using Their Skills & Time Wisely

Staging tips by seattle professional home stager

As a Seattle home stager, I like to stay informed about Seattle real estate and this means attending some open houses. I find it interesting to see how many homes for sale are staged and how these homes have been prepared for the market. I'm happy to say that I am finding more and more homes being staged. Even though most of these are staged appropriately, sometimes I see homes where the staging ... READ MORE

Want to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar? Then Don’t Sabotage Your Own Success!

home sellers sometimes sabotage themselves.

Recently, one of my real estate clients asked me to meet her at the townhouse of one of her clients for a pre-listing consultation.  The home owners had tried twice to sale their home previously without any success. They wanted to try again to sell their home since they had a new baby and they wanted a larger house with a garden. This urgent need to move and their past failed attempts to sell ... READ MORE

Selling Your Home? Then It’s NOT About YOU Mr. & Mrs. Home Sellers!


Selling your home? Then it's NOT about YOU Mr. & Mrs. Home Sellers.  It is a no-brainer that when every home seller puts his or her home on the market, they hope to sell their home for the most money in the least amount of time. We all want that. You would think that every home seller would do their utmost to turn this goal into reality. However, some home sellers, without really knowing ... READ MORE

A “Hipster Vintage” Staging Design For This Seattle Mid-Century House

Seattle Staged mid century modern home

I just love being a home stager.  And the best part is that as a Seattle home stager, I get to design and stage so many beautiful homes. This Mid-Century house in Seattle is a good example of this. To showcase the beautiful simple lines, the big windows, and that MCM feel of the house, we decided to create a hipster vintage modern staging design.  We really enjoyed staging this lovely Seattle ... READ MORE