• Is Your Decorating Style Transitional?

    What is a Transitional decorating style? Basically, a transitional style is the “New Traditional” where the classic style has been updated. Most likely, you have come across it if you have stepped into a Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn store. Or perhaps you’ve seen it if you have thumbed through a Ballard Design catalogue or glanced at a Traditional Home magazine. 

    A Transitional Home:

    • Has a neutral and muted color palate, but it feels warm
    • It is simple and streamlined, but there is enough detail to make the design sophisticated 
    • Has furniture pieces that are classic, but the overall feel of the home is casual and friendly
    • Can beautifully showcase global like Asian accent pieces, but it is not about having a theme
    • Is often mistaken as an eclectic one, but they are NOT the same
    A well balanced mixture of the old charm and contemporary makes Transitional Style homes warm, inviting, elegant, and peaceful – a comfortable and beautiful sanctuary. 
    A Transitional Style is for you if:
    • You want a modern kitchen, but you have to have an old farm table as your kitchen table
    • You like to purchase one investment piece and mix it with other finds from flea markets or even pieces from Ikea
    • You are not only comfortable, but you’re proud to showcase your children’s art in the main rooms of your house and mix it with your other art pieces
    • You like to serve meals on china, but your china set is a mixture of different pieces