• The Story of my Garden – A Seattle Home Stager’s Personal Journey

    Our almost postage size Seattle garden is a special and personal place for me because it tells a story.  Our story.

    It all began in May of 2002 with the planting a cherry tree in honor of my late nephew, Zhubin, who left us much too soon.  A very special person, Jarrett, who also is no longer with us in this world, planted the tree.  Since then, our small garden has become a place of remembering and reconnecting in a spiritual way for my family. 

    In August 2000, I moved with my family from England and I wanted to bring part of England with me.  It was a difficult move for me and the idea of being away from my family, friends and the UK, was heart wrenching for me. But I made the decision early on that I was going to make the most of my new situation and create a cozy home for all of us in our new city – Seattle. Once I made that decision, I didn’t look back.

    In 2001, we bought a Craftsman style house in a triangle. One side of the triangle is in the Wallingford neighborhood, while the other two sides are in Green Lake and Fremont. It took about 10 months to renovate the home. From the start, I knew that I wanted our home and garden to reflect our lives in UK and our Persian heritage. So, it is not surprising that we have an English Cottage style garden. 

    My daughters and my late nephew were born in England so the English daisies in my garden are the reminder of that. In the front of my house,  Parrotia Persicas, a tree native to Iran, reminds me of the country that my family left behind so many years ago because of the revolution.

    Whether it is in my own life or in our house and garden, I believe in structure.  But in the midst of all the structure, I like chaos.  This holds especially true for our garden. I have driven many gardeners crazy with this approach, but this works for me.  I am told that I have an “interesting” way of mixing colors. I suppose that comes from my design background along with my total respect for Mother Nature. I don’t believe in following a color formula when it comes to our garden, since Mother Nature has taught me that I don’t have to.