Sometimes we have to steal or Borrow

In an ideal world, all home sellers would have perfect homes and a limitless budget to prepare and stage their homes for the market. As we all know, we DON'T live in an ideal world and since we don't, sometimes we just have to steal, borrow, and add when it comes to staging homes.  This Seattle house in the View Ridge neighborhood is an example of such a situation. The homeowners previously had … [Read more...]

Are you selling a house OR a home? There is a slight difference! Part 1

Tips on selling your house by seattle staged to sell

Before putting your house on the market, you should be thinking about WHAT you are actually trying to sell or even more importantly, what you should be trying to sell. Are you selling a house OR a home? There is a slight, but important difference! After years of being a home stager and working with countless realtors and home sellers, I have come to know that home sellers and agents usually fall … [Read more...]

Tips on working with Multi-Cultural Home Sellers and Buyers

Seattle staged to sell Tips on working with multi-cultural home sellers and buyers

One of the qualities that makes Seattle such a wonderful city to live in is its diverse population. There are 94 different languages spoken in Seattle public schools. This diversity introduces cultures that we might not have known about otherwise, provides us with some of the best ethnic cuisine restaurants and expands our horizons. However, having a diverse population, even though it enriches … [Read more...]

Connections are Everything for this Seattle Home Stager!


Besides being a passionate home stager, I am also a passionate cook and love cooking and sharing meals with family and friends. Some of my best memories as both a child and a mother are the ones around the kitchen table. I'm not sure what it is about gathering around a table to eat a meal, but this is where significant conversation takes place and memories are made. I thrive on experimenting with … [Read more...]

The Downsides Of Staging Homes

downside of home staging by seattle staged to sell

What are the downsides of staging homes? From time to time, I do come across home sellers, and yes, even some agents, who say that they are not sold in the benefits of home staging. Some even go further and give me a list of their own opinions of the downsides of staging homes. So, are there any downsides? Let's examine this question.  I can think of a few downsides of staging homes: During … [Read more...]