Welcome to Our Team, Jean!

Seattle Staged to Sell welcomes our brand new general manager, Jean DeVerniero. 

A few months ago, we were experiencing growing pains and it was clear we needed another experienced person in our management. Luckily, a realtor client of ours knew just the person for the job and connected us with Jean. 

Jean joined our team full-time in October and has been making big changes to our  company structure already. We are fortunate to have someone as talented and dedicated on our team! 

Jean has a strong background in leadership positions in various career fields. She has twenty years experience in banking when she was a CEO of a credit union, an executive vice president, and an SVP of Human Resources. She also owned four Italian restaurants for over a decade.

With such varied experience to draw from, Jean makes a great asset to the SSTS team. When asked what were the most important lessons from each of her previous careers she said:

“I learned that people are the core of any business success. So surround yourself with the best possible people. Treat them well and train them well and your business will be successful.”

With this crucial knowledge, Jean has set out to make improvements to the SSTS family to make sure we are a more efficient, tight-knit team. She says working for SSTS has differed from her previous home staging experience because we already have a family atmosphere and have opportunities to grow the company. So luckily we already started strong. Jean stated:

“Together, we are enhancing our culture to be more efficient and cohesive. It is already a very collaborative team. We are creating a culture where we would be the ‘Employer of Choice.‘”

How is Jean going to accomplish her goals for SSTS? By making sure every team member utilizes their different talents and by promoting a more positive work place. By that, she means she is helping increase people’s passion for their jobs. If she notices a team member isn’t fully engaged then she interviews them to find them a position where they will be more happy and thrive.

Jean wanted to join our team because we already build strong relationships with each other and with our clients. This quality drew her to SSTS, and she shares Shirin’s vision and values for running a business. Jean states that it is an amazing opportunity to learn from Shirin who is “a very strong, driven and caring person.” She understands that SSTS is a unique company because talented women fill the leadership positions who teach and learn from one another.

So welcome to the team, Jean! We are glad to have you join the SSTS family as our general manager.

Five Fun Facts About Jean

1)    She grew up in a small town where her father managed the ski run, which formed her love for athletic pursuits at a young age
2)   She recently married a former classmate she met at her high school reunion
3)  Her favorite thing about working for SSTS is the team and how they create something “incredible”
4)  Her favorite interior decor style is Transitional
5)  If she could change one thing about her house, she would add a fireplace to the media room where she spends most of her time at home

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