• A Simplified Guide For Choosing Wall Colors For Your Home & Yolo Paint

    Color is one of the most important elements in our lives. It has a language of its own and it effects our mood and creates emotions. It’s part of who we are and how we feel.

    When I was eight years old, my parents bought me bright patent red leather shoes. It was the most beautiful vibrant color and ever since then, the color red has been my favorite. The shades of red preferred and it’s intensity changed for me year by year, but my love of the color has remained constant. There is always an accent of red in my home and in my wardrobe. 

    As I mentioned earlier, color is the language of our emotions.  Color inspires, motivates, energizes, soothes, enlivens, demands attention and creates focal points. Knowing the relationships of colors with these emotions is key of choosing the right color for the right room for YOU! Remember after all, it is all about you and each one of us is unique in how we want our rooms to feel. 

    Start the process of choosing a color for your room by asking yourself what kind of emotion is it that you wish to achieve through color? For example, RED is the color of passion and conversation, while Blues and Greens are calming colors. Add a bit of white to the red and the new color, Pink, will create a romantic mood to any room. Yellow is a color associated with creativity, while Orange is the color of high energy and appetite. Have you wondered why so many fast food restaurants use the color orange in their signs? Brown is the color of stability and reliability. It instantly adds warmth and comfort to any setting. Brown is a great color to ground or balance other colors. White   illuminates any room. 

    Did you also know that by how you choose to use colors, you can change the feel and look of a space? Here are few examples:

    • By choosing lighter colors you will transform small and darker rooms into airier and brighter ones. 
    • By repeating colors through other elements in the room, such as with accessories, you will visually link the spaces together. This creates a flow, which is also soothing to the mind since it creates harmony. 
    • Color as a highlight can define separate spaces in your home AND highlight the features.
    • Darker walls can instantly set off any light object in the room and create a powerful focal point.
    Here are some tips for how to use a  color strip and select a color successfully:
    • When you are looking at a color strip to choose a paint color, you should keep in mind that deep accent colors appear more intense on the walls in the same way that light colors appear even lighter. 
    • If you want more of the softer one with just a hint of color, then select the top two colors on the paint strip. 
    • If you want to add more drama to your room, then choose the colors in the center section of the color strip.
    • The natural lighting in your rooms effect the paint. I highly recommend buying sample paint or big color swatches and see how these colors look in your room during day AND night. Light bulbs that you use in your home, incandescent and florescent, will influence the colors on your wall differently than natural light.
    There are different paint finishes and you may wonder why this is important to keep in mind. Different paint finishes have different durabilities and they react differently with light. Egg shell, semi gloss, and high gloss paint reflect more light and make the rooms look lighter and are more durable than stain and flat.
    Any room with any color can look inviting and elegant if it is a cohesive room. Limit the number of colors that you choose for each room. Remember that ceilings and floors are your fifth and sixth walls of your room. These, as well as the furniture and accessories, are also important elements in your room that should be incorporated into the design.
    Yellow living room by
    The good news is that choosing and living with a color is not a scientific approach. There are no right or wrong choices. As I have already mentioned, color is a self expression and is as unique as you are. Whether you like those playful and energetic orange colors or the peaceful sea-foam colors, it doesn’t matter. What matters is for you is to choose a color scheme that is as real as you. 
    Last, but not least, we recently have discovered a new paint company: Yolo Paint, and we are in love with this paint. In addition to their sophisticated yet simple to use palate, which is just AMAZING, YOLO paint is a totally green product. Not only we are going to highly recommend this brand of paint to our clients from now on, we have already started to use them in our homes. Stay tuned for the “after photos”.  Check out their website,, and play with their colors via their virtual room. Let us know what colors you fall in love with. We’re going to blog about our favorite Yolo color combinations in the near future. 
    Have fun experimenting and discovering your OWN colors!
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