Staging A Craftsman House Dining Room In Fremont Neighborhood

Recently we staged a lovely Craftsman style home in the Fremont area of Seattle. The living and dining rooms were spectacular and large. The walls were painted with a glaze technique in a beautiful yellow. The contrast of the walls with the dark wood trim and floor created a stunning space. 

We wanted to showcase this Craftsman house as a sophisticated milieu, where lots of entertaining takes place. Therefore, we chose to add a large dining table to showcase this potential. Yes, I know most stagers tell you to go with smaller furniture pieces to showcase the floor space and this is correct most of the time . Sometimes, however, this is not the right approach and the key is knowing which choice is the right one and when. For this house, we felt we needed to exhibit the possibilities for large social gatherings. My clients, the home sellers and the agents agreed with us. 

A big square dining table was the right choice for this Fremont Craftsman Style house.

Staged living and dining rooms

We choose cream color furniture and yellow accents to emphasis the beautiful yellow walls and dark wood work of a true Craftsman home. This also pulled the rooms together and created a pleasant flow between these two rooms.

This house was SOLD in two weeks to a single professional mother with grown children. She bought the house because of the large dining room, since her kids come home for the holidays with their friends and family.

What makes this story even sweeter, is the fact that the buyer is an agent herself and she came through for the open house. She LOVED the staged large dining room with the big dining table. This is what she was looking for in a house. 

When it comes to staging, one hat doesn’t fit all and this is why, here at Seattle Staged To Sell, we stage one home at a time and stay away from a cookie cutter look. We consider the style of the house and the targeted buyers into the equation. We believe this approach is what puts the SOLD sign up like it did for this house.

(All the pictures on this post is by HD Estates.)



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