Staging 911

At Seattle Staged to Sell, we often receive what we call “911 calls” from clients. These are clients who have listed a home, both staged and un-staged, that is not selling, even in a hot market! We work diligently to create a carefully curated design plan to best showcase their home, and to ultimately attract the perfect buyer.


“This may be a commonplace occurrence for you but I am stunned… after painting and staging the condo was sold in 3 days after we re-listed the unit! We even received 3 offers on the same day and the condo sold for 12k above the asking price. The buyer was a first time home buyer who was attracted by the listing photos.”

Nur David, Homeowner


“We knew we had a very special home in a desirable area but, even in a hot market in 2015, it wasn't selling. After several price drops we took it off the market to "fix it up" overthe winter. I was a nervous Houzzhound contemplating $50k-$150K worth of remodel when I found Shirin's reviews here.

 No, they are not too good to be true. 

 Shirin immediately made me feel at ease with her confidence and empathy (yeah, I was a little stressed). Walking through the house with her for our initial consultation, I was impressed with how clearly she saw what needed to be done, and how firm she was in telling me what needed to be done. Her advice was to focus on the staging and do very little remodeling.

In the months waiting for the Spring market to arrive I kept texting, e-mailing and calling with questions and concerns. She always kept me calm with clear, reasoned answers about what kind of buyer would be likely to want my home and what they'd want to see.

 I came to trust Shirin to the point where I asked he what Realtor to work with. One that invested in the value of true staging.

 In the end, I spent relatively little on fixes, listed the home for more than when we took it off the market, and got full asking price.

 I could tell you I loved the staging result (see before and after below), but really, irrelevant. I was not the buyer. Shirin gives great service to the seller but is laser focused on preparing for the buyer.

 It seems increasingly rare these days that you find people with passion and skill for their craft AND a deep caring for people and service. But she didn't always tell me what I wanted to hear. She told me what I needed to do to sell my house. Glad I listened.

 Unsurprisingly, Shirin is in high demand in the Seattle market. If you want more money for your house, better call her now.” 

Dave Wilt, Homeowner


"Wow! Shirin and her team know how to drive serious results when it comes to staging. Seattle Staged to Sell has staged several homes for us. Successful sales every time! Our last Clyde Hill mid-century project was staged with a different vendor (due to availability) the previous season. No sale, and more tell tale... the energy was not there. SSTS staged the same home this spring, and the home sold in 8 days. Visitors stayed and lingered. They felt at home. People were visibly excited about the atmosphere. People were asking "who staged this?" and were asking for her card. This staging made all the difference in the perception of this home. We've experienced this every time with SSTS. Shirin understands that buyers want to experience a home through the lifestyle it offers. Shirin and her team are masterful at creating this buyer experience and visually portraying each home's distinct story. of all...Shirin and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with!” 

Jim+Monte, Compass Real Estate


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