• Our 2012 Seattle Home Staging Statistics & Fun Facts

    A Happy New Year to all of you and welcome to 2013!

    As usual, THANKS to an outstanding and dedicated team as well as YOU, our clients, we had an amazing 2012. It is always exciting for us to look back at this time of the year and see how we have grown as a company and as people. I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of our 2012 successes with you.

    Let’s start with some 2012 fun facts:

    • First of all, our 2012 home staging statistics are here and YES, we are proud and smiling. In 2012, our Seattle Staged To Sell team members were busy staging homes all over in the Greater Seattle Area. Most of our homes were SOLD in the first few days and many were SOLD with multiple offers.
    • We staged over $54 million worth of inventory in 2012.  All homes were SOLD except for three. Two of the houses came off the market in order to address the major repairs that showed up during inspections, and one home owner decided that it would be best for her to rent for personal reasons.
    • 28 of our staged homes were sold for more than the asking price — another home staging testament. 
    • Our clients took us east all the way to Maple Valley, South to Des Moines, North to Mulkilteo for staging (and even Blaine for an interior design project) and west to some Ballard neighborhoods. 
    • We staged 57 family homes, 9 townhouses and 8 condos.
    • 12 home sellers called us to stage their home even before deciding on a realtor. This is our favorite fun fact since this shows how much the real estate market has changed and how informed today’s home sellers have become. More and more, home sellers are understanding that that home staging is an investment and not a cost. 
    • Our missing 2010-2011 builders and developers came back and we added new builders to our clientele list. 
    • We welcomed a new designer to our team so we could address the high demand as well as to serve you better.
    • We increased and expanded our interior design side of the business and helped many homeowners to transform their dream homes into reality. 

    We truly love what we do, whether it is an interior design project or a home staging one. For us, the most important aspects of our work are the people. Whether it is a team member, a client, an independent contractor, or a vendor, we cherish every relationship. We have learned and we know well that this core value of ours results in one-of-a-kind experiences and these experiences ARE the engine of our business. 

    Thank YOU for a wonderful 2012 and we look forward to an even better 2013 with YOU!




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