“My house is SOLD. Can I have a refund?”

Last year, I was asked by a dear client of mine to come and see a new listing of his in the Lake Union area and to give him a quote for staging it. The unit was a spacious two bedroom condo with amazing unobstructed views of Lake Union. The house had previously been on the market for three months without any success and the homeowner had decided to move on to a new agent, my client.

This homeowner loved the color of purple and all the walls were painted purple. The furniture was dark and the home was cluttered. After viewing the house, it was obvious why this home was not selling.

We recommended a neutral wall color and a full staging for this house since the homeowners had already purchased a new home and could move into it right away.

After the painting and staging, this condo was totally transformed. The distractions of clutter and color were gone and now the beautiful views of Lake Union, which were the main selling point of this house, become the primary focal point.

houses staged by seattle staged to sell

Home staging brings the offers!

The condo was SOLD in less than a week after being staged. My happy client, the agent, had called me to let me give me the news right away. He also chuckled as he told me that the homeowner was saying that she obviously didn’t need home staging after all, since the house got sold so fast and asked if she could get her money back or at least get a partial refund. 

I will never forget this client and her request. For me, this story highlights the importance of home staging and why it is an investment and not an expense.


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