Maintaining Your Curb Appeal

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Patterned Concrete recently featured us in their article on the subject. They asked for our expertise in ensuring a home’s exterior makes a good first impression. While there are many important factors that go into making curb appeal stand out—in a good way—there is one that is most essential. Neatness.

curb appeal landscaping

Why neatness the most important aspect of curb appeal

We told Patterned Concrete:

“Neatness is the most important element of curb appeal. Curb appeal is an easy way to add value to your home and is a crucial component when you decide to sell. First impressions are everything, and the front entrance is what people will look at first when visiting your home. Tastes vary from person to person, and different landscaping and exterior colors will make your home stand out in the right way. There is no singular right choice when deciding on styles. While there are so many different possibilities out there to add to your property’s curb appeal, they all have one thing in common: neatness. Making sure your exterior is well maintained is essential. Even a very simple but well-manicured front lawn and a neatly painted neutral home will do wonders. While having a lavish garden is definitely appealing, it only looks good when taken care of properly. For the best curb appeal, be realistic about what you can afford to maintain and make the decisions right for you. Just make sure your front’s design stays neat however extravagant or simple; when this is done, your home will have instant curb appeal to welcome you and your guests.”

It is crucial to make sure your front lawn and home exterior look put together. Remember, a simple and well-manicured front is much more appealing than a once extravagant but now unkempt garden. Coco Chanel said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” and it’s true for all designs. If your home is freshly painted in a neutral color and you regularly trim your lawn, you are maintaining your curb appeal.

curb appeal with bright flowers

Other tips on maintaining your curb appeal

However, in a very competitive market, you might want your home to stand out more with impressive landscaping. Bright-colored flowers can go a long way. In the winter months, this can be challenging. We recommend using brown mulch, winter-blooming plants and evergreens. This tactic will make your garden look beautiful all year round. Oregon Live has a list of winter-blooming pants native to the Pacific Northwest.

Whichever direction you decide upon, just make sure you are maintaining your curb appeal.

To read more of our tips on maintaining your curb appeal click here and here.

curb appeal landscaping]]>

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