Forgotten Spaces in a House for Sale

After staging, this basement became a cool family room

The only things finished in this basement were the walls. The floors were cement and this space was used as a catchall space. We recommended that all the items be stored or donated and to add carpet and side boards. Then we brought in a few accent pieces and used the home owners table, chairs, and TV to define an inviting family area. For an investment of $1,400, this home owner added 300 square feet of finished floor space to their home. A family bought this house 10 days after being on the market. 




Forgotten places

With couple of chairs and a game table, the space is defined as family hangout.

This particular house did not have a separate family room, only a formal living room. Since this was a family home, we wanted to show the possibility of creating a family room where kids and parents could hang out. We created a sitting area in front of the TV and created an art section (not visible in this picture) to show the potential of the space.  

Home buyers will like and remember organized and staged pantries.



I like to feature pantries, especially for condos and townhouse, where storage is gold. This particular pantry belonged to an occupied townhouse in Greenwood. I always recommend to the home sellers that while they are living in their homes, the closets and the pantries should be super neat and organized. This will impress the home buyers. I added baskets and showcased the pantry. This townhouse went on market in November in an area where there were a lot of units for sale. This one was sold in less than two weeks in one of the slowest real estate months.



a well defined staged working space

A well defined staged working space adds value to homes. 


This was a closet that was turned into a library with shelves. I removed one of the cabinets and added a chair and identified this space as a cozy, small, but efficient office. Creating these kind of suggestions for home buyers is what home staging is supposed to achieve. My approach is always to define every corner of the house and give it a function if possible. A library would have been fine for this space, but a working space is even more valuable.



Remember, you are selling ALL of the square footage of your home and you will add VALUE to your home by creating and identifying all of these “forgotten spaces”.


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