• The Importance of Staging Outdoor Spaces

    Outdoor Patio Home Staging Queen Anne Seattle Washington

    When you are selling your home, staging outdoor spaces is just as important as staging indoors.  Whether you are selling a condo with a small balcony or a house with a spacious yard, staging these spaces creates interest and a lot of value to your home.

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  • These are a few of our 2012 Favorite Designs

    The month of January is usually a month of reflection and looking back and reflecting on our favorite designs of the past year is always fun.

    Below is a review of some of our favorite items from 2012. This was a hard list to compile as there were so many beautiful designs that we liked. But we painfully narrowed our list and came up with a mixture of some very popular pieces that many people liked and some less known ones that might have been missed. 


    Here is our list going clockwise:


    what we love


    1. Smeg – Who could resist this classy Italian design appliance? This fridge holds a special spot in my own heart, since I associate this with my grandmother’s home. She had a white one and it withstood all of the grandchildren opening and closing the door. This revived retro classic is super functional and super cute. If your kitchen is on the small side, Smeg is for you. Don’t let this RED color option fool you, this fridge is a totally GREEN.
    2. Tango Tangerine – Pantone 2012 color of the year energized us all. This vibrant rich color uplifted us and added a desperately needed optimism to our year. Whether it was due to us using this color in our home decor or in our personal wardrobe, this fun color made its way into our hearts and homes.
    3. Ikea PS Cabinet – How cool is this cabinet? For $99, not only do you get a classic design piece, but also lots of uses. This multi-purpose cabinet makes a wonderful sideboard, a TV stand or bedside table.  It comes in white and red and the fun colors will add cheer to any room. This piece appeals to both kids and adults, especially at this great price. 
    4. Crate and Barrel Dansk Enameled Pot – This pot is one of the most beautiful and useful centerpiece that you will find. Another example of a classic retro revival, this pot goes from oven to the table. I have a red one and it always creates excitement for our dinner guests. To protect the table, instead of those not so pretty pads, you place the pot on the lid. It doesn’t get better than that! These pots, priced at $119, come in red, white, and black. The online red pots are sold out, so if you are looking for the red one, you might still find it at a store near you. I LOVE cooking in this pot and serving from it. 
    5. YOLO Paint – We can’t say enough about YOLO paint. Not only this paint is a green product, but also, this company provides amazing colors choices. They make color combination easy and painless with their charts. We recommend Yolo Paint colors to our clients and many of our builders are starting to use this product in their projects. Whether you choose rich colors from their Petal series or calm colors from their Water series, you’ll end up with beautiful walls. I recently just painted an accent wall and a powder room in my own home with Petal 06, which is a bright orangey-red. LOVE it. You can visit their website and play around with their painting and color tools to see what you like.
    6. Ikea Kitchens – Ikea offers a variety of beautiful kitchen designs. I have had my own for the past 12 years and love it. After all these years, they look great and function well. Ikea’s kitchens were one of our favorites in 2012, because of the amazing prices as well as products with free in-house kitchen designs. More and more designers are using Ikea kitchens in their own homes. 
    7. American Leather Sofas – We LOVE this product and ordered two of them for two different interior design clients in 2012. American Leather Company is wonderful AMERICAN furniture manufacturer. You know you will get quality furniture pieces with American quality standards. This, coupled with the fact that ordering from them also means supporting American workers, makes products from this company a wonderful option. Both of our clients chose beautiful brown leather called 5th Avenue for their sofas and are happy with their purchases. There are many different styles of chairs and sofas to choose from and their classic shapes are what make these pieces timeless. In addition, if you are looking for a sofa sleeper, your search is over. Hands down, American Leather sofa sleepers are simply the best. The platform bed style structure coupled with Tempurpedic mattresses makes this sleeper sofa the MOST comfortable one ever. This company offers many designs to suit any modern, transitional or traditional taste. 
    8. West Elm Wood & Glass Jars – I love anything that has to do with MCM and this revival is surely a welcomed one. I like to hunt for the real vintage MCM pieces, but finding a collection of jars like this is quite difficult. I love the simplicity of these jars. They come if different sizes and they are priced from $6.95 up to $24 per jar. These wood and glass jars not only provide beautiful kitchen storage, but they also add a touch of sophistication and elegance. This is a sign of good design.

    Let me know what you think about this list and I would love to hear back from you about some of your own favorite 2012 items. Share them with us below. 

    Now it is time to keep looking forward towards 2013 favorite treasures. I already know that the 2013 Pantone color of the year is going to be one of my favorites. 

  • 8 Furniture Arrangement Tips For Homes For Sale

    Are you planning to put your house on the market? By following these 8 simple furniture arrangement tips, you’ll be able to showcase every room in your house in the best possible way. 

    1. Define the purpose of each room.  The purpose or function of a room should be clearly evident and the furnishings and their arrangement should support this function.

    2. Open up pathways.  Allow at least 3′ for comfortable passage.

    3. Edit the number of furniture pieces in a room.  Remember that home buyers are buying space, not furnishings.

    4. Place furniture groupings around a focal point a room.  Placing your sofa opposite the focal point will set the rooms anchor; everything else will revolve around that.

    Staged Contemprary Wallingford Townhouse in Seattle
    By floating the furniture, this living room looks more open and inviting, while showcasing the fireplace.

    5. Use furniture placement to guide the eye and support and strengthen architectural features and focal points.

    6. Use furniture that is in proper scale with the room and also well proportioned with the other pieces in the room.

    7. Do not block a great view with furnishings.

    Staged Matthew's Beach Mid Centry Water Front Home in Seattle
    This furniture arrangement directs the eyes to both beautiful features of this space: the views of the water and the fireplace.

    8. Pull furniture away from the walls. Contrary to popular belief, pulling furniture away from the walls often makes a room look larger rather than smaller.

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