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Staging in Winter

Our 5 Favorite Last Minute and Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Fall Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving is a stressful time for many. Hosting people is often a daunting task, and the holiday season is no exception. In addition to the ambitious task of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, prepping your house for friends and family can be overwhelming. We put together a list of five of our favorite last minute and budget-friendly Thanksgiving DIY…

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Holiday Decorating Tips for Homes for Sale

Holidays are about families, getting together, buying presents, and expressing our sense of style and merriment with our holiday decorating. Most importantly, we want to be having fun while doing all these things. However, such activities can be somewhat challenging, and perhaps even unpleasant, if trying to sell one’s home during the holidays. It’s true…

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All Year Around Garden & Curb Appeal

Just because it may be wet and cold outside, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have outside focal points and interest in your gardens.  Nor does it mean that you can’t achieve an attractive curb appeal. It’s easy to have a year round garden here in Northwest. There are many steps that you can take and there are…

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Tips On Selling Homes During The Holidays

Staging and marketing homes during the Holidays can be successful by following some simple tips. Less is ALWAYS better than more, especially during the holiday seasons. Be selective and don’t overcrowd your home with lots of decoration.  Choose a monochromatic color palate like silver and white or gold.  Different people celebrate different holidays, but everyone…

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