A Home Staging Success Story

You can turn a “No Deal” into a “Done Deal” by simply staging your home. As an example, we were called to stage a modern townhouse on Queen Anne. The house had been on the market for 3 months and the agent said they had reduced the price, not once, but twice.  The homeowner finally decided to listen to his agent and hire a professional Home Stager. They called me.

Calling Seattle Staged To Sell For Home Staging Assistance

After three months, the home seller agreed and the agent called Seattle Staged To Sell to stage this modern Queen Anne Townhouse.

Upon viewing the townhouse, I saw it had beautiful features, with high end appliances such as a Sub-Zero fridge, a Wolf stove, lovely open floor plan, and lots of large windows.  But as a home stager, I knew right away why the house was not selling.

Homes with open floor plans  are becoming more and more popular, since we are getting away from more formal rooms. However, vacant open floor plans are hard for home buyers to visualize. This is especially true for townhouses and condos, where the empty rooms appear smaller. Only 10% of people can visualize how space can be utilized. An important point to remember is that empty rooms appear smaller and because the rooms were empty it was a turnoff to potential buyers.

Additionally, some of the walls were painted a very dark red and being empty, the red accent walls became the focal point and not the beautiful fireplace. The outdoor planters were bare and uninviting.

We needed to define the spaces and create a conversation area in the living room with the fireplace as the focal point for this townhouse. My next step was to bring in neutral colored furniture that would tone down the red walls as well as brighten the rooms more. Last, but not least, I asked the agent to fill up the planters with red geraniums. At the end, this townhouse looked cozy and warm, and LARGER.

The bedroom had an open floor plan with only three walls, a hard room to visualize.

This Queen Anne townhouse sold in FIVE days after staging after being on the market for three months! Yes, I love what I do, because it produces these kind of successes. The cost of staging this townhouse was 1/6 of the first price reduction. This is why ALL home sellers should understand that home staging is an investment and not an additional expense.

I’ll be surprised if this agent accepts a listing when the home seller is reluctant in hiring a professional home stager. Always step into the market on the right foot and have your homes and listings staged by a professional.

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