8 Furniture Arrangement Tips For Homes For Sale

Are you planning to put your house on the market? By following these 8 simple furniture arrangement tips, you’ll be able to showcase every room in your house in the best possible way. 

1. Define the purpose of each room.  The purpose or function of a room should be clearly evident and the furnishings and their arrangement should support this function.

2. Open up pathways.  Allow at least 3′ for comfortable passage.

3. Edit the number of furniture pieces in a room.  Remember that home buyers are buying space, not furnishings.

4. Place furniture groupings around a focal point a room.  Placing your sofa opposite the focal point will set the rooms anchor; everything else will revolve around that.

Staged Contemprary Wallingford Townhouse in Seattle

By floating the furniture, this living room looks more open and inviting, while showcasing the fireplace.

5. Use furniture placement to guide the eye and support and strengthen architectural features and focal points.

6. Use furniture that is in proper scale with the room and also well proportioned with the other pieces in the room.

7. Do not block a great view with furnishings.

Staged Matthew's Beach Mid Centry Water Front Home in Seattle

This furniture arrangement directs the eyes to both beautiful features of this space: the views of the water and the fireplace.

8. Pull furniture away from the walls. Contrary to popular belief, pulling furniture away from the walls often makes a room look larger rather than smaller.

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