Bellevue New Construction Home Staging

Before I share how home staging produced fantastic results for this particular Bellevue new construction, I like to share with you some of my own experience being in this business.

After having a home staging business in the Greater Seattle Area for years, I have come across all kinds of comments about staging from both the believers and nonbelievers.  For example:

  • Home staging didn’t  make a difference, my house would have sold anyways.
  • Home staging was great and I had a great experience.
  • Staging my home produced the best ROI.
  • I wished I had done the work earlier while living in the house and enjoyed.
  • What a difference? I didn’t know I was living with so much clutter.
  • In a strong market, home staging is not necessary. 

I can go on and on with more examples, but the above are some of the most common comments that people share with me. My reply to is always the same: Home Staging is not an option anymore regardless of the market. In a down market, home staging moves the inventory faster and in a strong market, staged homes get multiple offers and are sold for more. In each case, homeowners end up reaching their sales goals.

This year, where the Seattle real estate was hot, home staging still made a huge difference, as we we knew it would. We got numerous calls from buyers and agents, because their homes/listings sat on this hot market, vacant, and without any offers, even though the initial price has been reduced. After all that failed, they wanted to stage their houses/listings to get quicker results. For me, this is very painful to see. We could have helped the homeowners to get the asking price of their home, if not more, if we had staged these houses and turned them into complete products ready for market.  This scenario held true for this Bellevue new construction.

The builder of this Bellevue house stage their buildings themselves, but when it came to stage this house, they ran out of inventory and decided to list the house without staging it, since the real estate market was hot and their other buildings were selling fast. However, this house stayed on the market for 6 weeks. The builders, before making a price reduction, they asked us to team up with them and stage this lovely new construction in Bellevue.

Bellevue New Construction Home Staging

Bellevue New Construction Home Staging

This house, even though had a traditional craftsman architecture, the interior had some lovely modern elements. We decided to create a transitional design and brought in the greens and the yellows to brighten up the grey and brown wall colors and dark finishes. We staged this house two days before Thanksgiving and it was SOLD in two days.

Remember that 99% of buyers look at the online MLS listings before deciding to come in and look at the properties in person. Empty rooms, where the buyers get to see the beige carpets and walls without getting a true sense of the spaces or the house, will only help to sell the competition. 

Bellevue House Staged Entry

Staged Bellevue house entry welcomes the buyers.


A staged home, welcomes the buyers the minute the doors open whether the home buyer is viewing the home online or in person.

Home Staging produces the most optimal results like it did for this lovely new construction in Bellevue. Home staging is an investment and paying for it is lot less than the first price reduction, not to mention less painful. 


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