• Beautiful Waterfront Views Inspired Our Staging Design

    Waterfront Home Exterior Lake Sammamish Bellevue

    This luxury Bellevue property, priced at $2.6 million, is located on the shores of Lake Sammamish. With this water front home, we wanted to incorporate its stunning views into our staging inspiration. We decided to bring a casual beach vibe into the design while keeping it classic. To accomplish this, we selected natural textures, used the views and landscaping to decide our color palette, and integrated nautical themes into our pieces.

    Living Room Waterfront Bellevue Property Lake View Water View Lake Sammamish Bellevue

    This living room brought the orange, green, and blue tones found outside into the home. This created a sense of cohesiveness that utilized the house’s natural setting as part of the design. By placing colorful pillows on neutral sofas, we tied in these colors in a balanced way. The dining room wall art and accessories echoed these colors, adding to the flow of the space. We used rustic woods for the coffee table and accessories, which alluded to beach driftwood.

    Traditional Home Office Bellevue Washington Luxury Home
    This home office had a traditional feel due to the dark wood window trim and built-in shelves. We catered to this style in our design through the desk, chair and accessories, however we also managed to bring natural textures into this room by placing the sisal area rug.

    Home Office Water View Lake Sammamish Bellevue Luxury Home

    With the desk facing Lake Sammamish, we managed to make this traditional piece to correspond to the scenery outside. We brought the colors from the deck into play through the desk chair and carved wood duck. The open book reflected the hues of the water and trees outside.

    Home Office Homework Space Lounge Area Coastal Style Bellevue Waterfront Home

    For this homework space, we brought in the nautical theme through accessories and color palette. The pillows and the wall art referenced the beach, and the bamboo tied into the texture of the shell illustration and, once again, referred to driftwood. The blue chair and desk accessories balanced out the room.

    Dining Room Waterfront Property Lake Sammamish Bellevue Water View

    With the dining table and floral arrangement, we, once again, drew the gorgeous view into the home.

    Master bedroom waterfront property Lake Sammamish Bellevue

    For the master bedroom, we mixed textures for added interest meanwhile we used pieces that tied into the rest of the house. The leather chair reincorporated the nailhead detail from the home office and the carving of the bed frame was similar to that of the desk. The area rug married the grays of the bedding with the mixture of blues and greens of Lake Sammamish to create the ultimate relaxing setting.

    Even though this kid’s room did not have a water view, it still embodied the coastal vibe throughout the house. We accomplished this through the sailboat, whale, and fish motifs throughout the room.


    By using this luxury house’s natural surroundings as our style inspiration, we created a cool and casual lifestyle that the homebuyers could easily envision themselves living in. SOLD!




  • Are you selling a house OR a home? There is a slight difference! Part 1

    Before putting your house on the market, you should be thinking about WHAT you are actually trying to sell or even more importantly, what you should be trying to sell. Are you selling a house OR a home? There is a slight, but important difference!

    After years of being a home stager and working with countless realtors and home sellers, I have come to know that home sellers and agents usually fall into two different groups. One group tries to sell houses and the other group tries to sell homes and the latter group, in my opinion,Tips on selling your house by seattle staged to sellis more successful in reaching their sales goals. Why? Because selling homes is more than just s selling a house. Selling homes also means selling the life style of the house. This is where the emotional connections happens. 

    Most home buyers in today’s market are savvy and have already have done their homework.  This might include researching different properties, comparing the basic details of the homes, and of course, viewing photos online (a big reason to stage the homes and have them professionally photographed). Also, they might even have driven by your house couple of times before deciding to actually come in to see the home for themselves.  This is why as home stagers we place so much emphasis on the importance of curb appeal and helping our clients get this part of their home presentation just right.

    selling your homes successfully by seattle staged to sell

    Selling a house is selling the physical aspects of the house like: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen floor plan. But selling a home is selling the emotional aspects of a house. It means helping the potential home buyer to understand and feel how they can live in the house that you are selling. 

    If you want to be successful in selling your property, put yourself in the second category and do your best to sell a home rather than just a house.  Once the home buyers get inside, you want to wow them and have them pay attention to all that is wonderful about your home.  You want them to be able to envision themselves living the good life there. When you stage and present your property as a home for living, you are selling not only a house but a lifestyle. This is when the SOLD sign goes up.




  • We Staged & Energized This Seattle Townhouse in Ballard With Tangerine Colors

     This Ballard townhouse was our first 2012 staging project. Since the winter months can be drab, cold and dark, especially here in Seattle,  we decided to cheer, energize, and brighten up the inside. 

    Colors are a sure way to set any mood. We wanted to energize and brighten this Seattle townhouse tucked in the middle of a lovely Ballard neighborhood. The dark wood floors and rich neutral warm colors inspired us to use the 2011 Pantone color: Tango Tangerine. We selected white and neutral furniture pieces and added shades of tangerine throughout the home.

    home staging ideas
    Staging a Seattle home for sale

     This approach achieves something even more important and that is flow. A cohesive look and feel is one of the most important aspects of staging. Many times I view homes on the market and this important element is missed.

    We thoughtfully selected furniture pieces that were neutral and we just added different shades of tangerine or orange colors throughout the house. Since the main color for this townhouse remains neutral, this makes our accent color just pop.

    There are people who view home staging as just bringing in some furniture pieces, adding a fake plant and a piece of  wall art. However, a true professional home stager knows that each home has a soul and personality of it’s own and little details such as our carefully using tangerine accent colors throughout the house in a balanced way is what gives voice to them.

    Why this is so important? It’s very simple. Home buyers, by seeing the personality of the homes and feeling the energy, can visualize themselves in the home. And this is one of the key reasons that teaming with professional home stagers produces successful results. 

    If might be drab and dark outside this time of the year, but this Seattle townhouse in Ballard is totally energized with the tangerine colors and is ready to welcome in any tired and cold home buyer.

  • Staging A Craftsman House Dining Room In Fremont Neighborhood

    Recently we staged a lovely Craftsman style home in the Fremont area of Seattle. The living and dining rooms were spectacular and large. The walls were painted with a glaze technique in a beautiful yellow. The contrast of the walls with the dark wood trim and floor created a stunning space. 

    We wanted to showcase this Craftsman house as a sophisticated milieu, where lots of entertaining takes place. Therefore, we chose to add a large dining table to showcase this potential. Yes, I know most stagers tell you to go with smaller furniture pieces to showcase the floor space and this is correct most of the time . Sometimes, however, this is not the right approach and the key is knowing which choice is the right one and when. For this house, we felt we needed to exhibit the possibilities for large social gatherings. My clients, the home sellers and the agents agreed with us. 

    A big square dining table was the right choice for this Fremont Craftsman Style house.
    Staged living and dining rooms

    We choose cream color furniture and yellow accents to emphasis the beautiful yellow walls and dark wood work of a true Craftsman home. This also pulled the rooms together and created a pleasant flow between these two rooms.

    This house was SOLD in two weeks to a single professional mother with grown children. She bought the house because of the large dining room, since her kids come home for the holidays with their friends and family.

    What makes this story even sweeter, is the fact that the buyer is an agent herself and she came through for the open house. She LOVED the staged large dining room with the big dining table. This is what she was looking for in a house. 

    When it comes to staging, one hat doesn’t fit all and this is why, here at Seattle Staged To Sell, we stage one home at a time and stay away from a cookie cutter look. We consider the style of the house and the targeted buyers into the equation. We believe this approach is what puts the SOLD sign up like it did for this house.

    (All the pictures on this post is by HD Estates.)